Some of the famous vocalist in K-pop

Here are some of the famous yet talented vocalist in K-pop

1. Eunji (Apink)

She sings really well and her voice is also light and feminine. Actually, she is considered as one of the most developed head voices among all female K-pop vocalists. Luna is also noted for being an entertainer. She is often seen actively participating in many shows and programs along with the other idols.

2. IU

There are many reasons why everyone loves IU and one of them happens to be the fact that she remains undefeated as the best singer-songwriter-performer both in and out of the Korean entertainment industry. Her live vocals are unnervingly perfect.

3. Taeyeon

The main vocalist of the first title-holder of the “Nation’s Girl Group” position, TaeYeon has not aged a day. However, her voice keeps getting better and better and at this point, her vocal skill is simply unmatched


5. Jungkook (BTS)

Although very emotional, he doesn’t go too far as he maintains balance with his simple and pure vocals. His detailed breaths and vibrations have just the perfect mix in creating his own space

6. Onew (SHINee)

You can’t argue that each member in Shinee has top-notch vocal capabilities on their own. In a lengthy clip, I introduce you to Onew, who truly has a unique, calming, and angelic voice. To most of you who are already introduced, this will serve as a sweet reminder. The 10:00 mark is my favorite part.

7. Solar (Mamamoo)

the group is able to bring their best music because the members have strong vocal performances, especially Solar. Her high belting is superb and she hits high notes like she’s born to do it smoothly. Her voice is indeed powerful and she is often compared to Ailee, Hyorin, and Taeyeon.

8. Kim Jong Hyun (SHINee)

The popular K-pop boy group, SHINee, is made up of handsome guys with beautiful voices, but the one who has the strongest voice is the main vocalist and leader, Kim Jong-hyun. His voice is recognized because it is naturally light but it sounds powerful. He has a thin voice which gives a youthful and lively feeling to the songs.

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this is a set up for lisa and jungkook

geez blinks stop trashing this website with your drama and fanwar


Set up post for lisa only… jk is an amazing singer.


he is slightly above average at the best, if we’re talking about male vocalists in kpop, he is still far behind


That’s a your personal opinion. But he is not in the same league as lisa. He is quite appreciated is sk and worldwide for his vocals.


True. His adlibs is superb, & even after two hours singing in a huge stadium his vocal is still stable


Set up for Lisa only lmao


Pls how can you even compare jungkook with lisa. Jungkook is definately way above lisa league. It’s a set up for lisa. THAT’s IT


Dude I’m a blink but come on Lisa vocalist ? You are just talking shit


Lisa?? be serious.


I think you put lisa in this post just to be inclusive and get clout from blinks plz, you cant put her in the same list as eunji, jonghyun and onew 💀 anyways since op mentioned luna but didnt include her let me add few and feel free to add yours down below: Luna (fx), Seungkwan (svt), Baek yerin (solo), Solji (exid), Lee hongki (ftisland), Youngk (day6) … Those are just few that i favor, plz add others, i cant seem to think of others lol


Some sneaks I fear.


Jungkook has wonderful singing abilities, many experts have described him as a singing prodigy, taeyoung for me she is the best female vocalist in korea
Lisa after their last album i loved her voice she has a good voice really others idk them well


They have good voice but it’s not amazing to end up in best vocalist I mean listen to ailee ,Wendy , Chen , and a lot more . Lisa has improved a lot and Jungkook has a lovely voice but not so powerful and great


The fact that you just compared lisa and jungkook as if lisa is in the same stage as jungkook is embarrassing

Busybody pooh

Lisa sneak


What skills does lisa n jungkook have to be on here with that singers with ACTUAL SINGING TALENT that don’t need to strain and know the correct techniques of singing lol


What skill that these people have that jungkook doesn’t have. Somebody who is not even a singer will now talk about ACTUAL SINGING TALENT




Anybody here commenting jungkook doesn’t deserve. I would love to know how much you know about SINGING TECHNIQUES TO actually comment on that

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