Someone who used to work for SM answers questions from netizens on the community

I used to work for SM

I can answer questions that you can’t find answers anywhere

1. Why did you resign?

-> Pressure from fans, working environment. First, there are no days off because of the concerts

2. Do you have any proof?

-> I have a business card, but if I upload it, I think I will be detected immediately

3. Of course, SM knows that fans fight with each other, right?

-> They know, we look at Twitter a lot

4. Why did the controversial members not leave the group?

-> This is just my speculation, Korean fans have a strong attachment to the group, but SM values ​​foreign fans more in terms of individual popularity, and from SM’s point of view, they want to capture both somehow, but they don’t want to give up the overseas market when the member leaves the group.. In the end, money is the most important thing to SM

5. Wow, I don’t know at all, but can you give me some examples of the pressure employees are under from fans?

-> For example, when the concert venue is decided, when the new lightstick design is released, when the comeback or album is released, things like this… Especially the pressure related to the concert is really stressful…

6. Do you get a lot of salary? I want to work in this field in the future

-> Is salary important? I was really stressed, I left SM because of depression

7. Did you know that idols were dating before the articles came out?

-> There are rumors going around but you have to keep quiet. If you are caught talking, the manager will scold you

8. They are casting Chinese members even though they know they will return to China?? Is the profit bigger than before they left?

-> Before Corona and before the Korean conflict, the profits were really huge, but now it’s zero.. WayV is doing better than I thought.. I wonder if they can do more in the future

9. I’m curious, does SM read the posts on Instiz?

-> I joined Instiz after leaving the company so I didn’t know it

10. After the comeback, if the digital music or album sales or performances are not good, will it affect the next comeback?

-> It doesn’t apply to popular idols. Of course if you do well, you will be more interested

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