Song Hye Kyo and Jennie took a selfie together at the Met Gala

1. Both are pretty

2. Song Hye Kyo… crazy

3. The two of them are pretty with different vibes

4. Isn’t the age difference between the two of them huge? I don’t see much difference in the picture. Seems like Song Hye Kyo has managed herself well

5. Crazy, it’s a historic moment, when will you see Song Hye Kyo and Jennie together again?

6. Wow.. Song Hye Kyo’s features are really no joke…..

7. Wow, Song Hye Kyo’s class is forever

8. Wow, what an unexpected combination, they’re so pretty

9. Song Hye Kyo is Song Hye Kyo..

10. Jennie is as pretty as a doll, both are pretty

11. This is a pretty girl next to a pretty girl

12. Song Hye Kyo’s face.. crazy..

13. Their beauty is the pride of Korea

14. Wow, looking at this combination, I still can’t believe it

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dot com bubble

Song Hye Kyo ate. Her dress was a bit boring but her beauty carried.


Ikr what’s wrong korean stylist. Most of them are always doing safe and boring ass. They should learn from chinese stylist, they know what to do at red carpet or met


Both are so pretty, they look like sisters 💜

Ladyboy lisa

Damn 20s popular idol got ate like that

lets be honest

the one on the left isn’t on the same level as jennie


Both giving korean awards looks 🥱


Korean celebs don’t have any creativity when it comes to awards etc, they always wear white or black plain dresses


Yeah but this year’s theme is boring too so lots of celebs turned up in black and white outfits

Cum Company

It’s like comparing a shiny diamond and a dirty pebble.


Too much filter


Why pignnie get ate up by Hye Kyo so hard

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