Song Minho’s shocking alternative military service state

Song Minho’s alternative military service state

1. I thought it wasn’t Song Minho

2. I forgot what Song Minho looked like because of this photo

3. Wow, it’s not against the rules, but it’s disgusting that people criticize him for having long hair. Most of the commenters are women who didn’t even serve in the military

4. I have nothing to say

5. I thought it was Park Wan-gyu

6. Hair regulations were abolished in 2015, so he was not in violation of the regulations

7. Even a normal office worker would be gossiped about if he had that hair

8. Where does he work that his clothes and hair look so crazy? I’ve never seen him look so free

9. How did he become such an old man? Isn’t he about 30 years old? He looks worse than a normal man

10. He must be happy living without a care in the world. He had no sense of being a soldier

11. Didn’t he go to the training center???

12. He looks like GD in the second photo

13. All he has to do is come to work on time and do his job well

14. His hair is longer than mine. He looks like GD in the second photo

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