Songs that Lisa has confirmed to perform in Crazy Horse

[Crisis? What Crisis !?]

[But I’m A Good Girl]

Lisa’s outfits are said to be designed by herself

1. This is the first idol who wants to become a stripper

2. Does she like things like that?

3. Why does she keep doing this? She is devaluing herself

4. It’s really disgusting

5. I don’t understand why she does this

6. Now she just needs to work as a Thai celebrity

7. Why does she want to become a stripper? Please wake up, Lisa-ah~..

8. I don’t understand why she does this. How does it help her career?

9. Now that she has earned a lot of money, she can live and do what she wants, right?

10. Why???? I really don’t understand….

11. What the hell was she thinking?

12. Just quit K-pop and become a Thai singer;

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