South Korea national football team and BTS Jungkook have been posted on FIFA account

1. I was in tears γ…œγ…œ Korean team is the best!!!!!!

2. Wow, seriously amazing

3. Seriously daebak. It’s like a miracle. I’m listening to Dreamers, and Jungkook’s voice is amazing

4. Our results and Dreamers lyrics are perfect

5. It’s like a drama, I’m so proud of them

6. South Korea national football team is the best. Jungkook is the best

7. I was moved even more by Jungkook’s song

8. Jungkook and our national team are a great combination!

9. The lyrics are so touching γ… γ… 

10. I played it as soon as we won and waited for Uruguay and Ghana while listening to it

11. This song is perfect for the World Cup

12. I was so impressed

13. “Look who we are, we are the dreamers”

14. I really like this song

15. The song is so perfect, the Korean players did so well

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Dreamers lyrics really are inspiring. It was made for underdogs


Jungkook and Fahad singing the World Cup song really blesaed the asian, african and muslims countries lmaooo

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