Stray Kids are popular in other countries, but why aren’t they popular in Korea?

Honestly, they’re not as popular as other 4th generation male idols in Korea…

Since their album has sold 5 million copies, they must have exploded overseas

1. I hate that school violence group

2. They got #1 on Billboard 200, they got the best response overseas

3. Doesn’t the fact that they hold fan meetings and concerts in KSPO Dome prove they are so popular in Korea?

4. Seriously, I don’t know…?

5. Because school violence and the songs are too loud for muggles to listen to their songs

6. They just shouted a lot on stage

7. Where did they become popular in other countries?

8. Are you asking because you really don’t know? It’s a school violence group

9. Because foreigners don’t care about their school violence controversy

10. They are only popular in China

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that’s true, foreigners don’t care abt that school violence. they only care abt their look


Don’t pretend that they aren’t talented bunch of people


The only decent singer in that group is JK so ☠️☠️


says the one who stans botox wonyoung 😂😂😂bitch fix your eyes plz. even bts’s toes are prettier than the whole kpop infustry


yall dives really gotta get this bts obsession yall got going on checked out fr.. weird mfs


Not saying this while IVE exist

The truth

Wrong, they aren’t popular except in China because that’s how they get this high sales. Their domestic chart is embarrassing. Spotify decent but not outstanding, same with touring. 42 locations for only 500k attendance. They are semi-popular in the kpop niche inside the US but nothing else because there are clearly more popular bands

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Also look at their YouTube numbers. 💀 it’s really all China, which isn’t bad but let’s not pretend they’re global. They’re a China group and that’s it.


I run a company that distributes Kpop merch in several countries. Stray Kids merch is the second highest in the US currently only BTS is higher and they’re shipping more than even BLACKPINK. Last year there was a huge gap between BTS and Stray Kids in merch but now it’s very close. Don’t be surprised if they have much larger venues for their future concerts in the US.




I still don’t get where the 5 million order came from


their c-bars right ? hyunjin’s c-bar is quite big right that’s why they didn’t kick him out from the group


idk I saw some of their sea fans doing group orders for us albums tbh, sea fans always do this by using warehouse services. (I’m a sea too btw )


nobody cares about them outside korea either lmao😂 their sales, numbers & n1 on bb200 are all fraud


What country are they popular in aside from the usual suspects aka SEA monkeys?


Koreans have this weird superiority complex. They seriously think whole world revolves around them. It’s not only about skz but also other groups in kpop. These Koreans really think whole k-pop groups owe them or something. Ridiculous if you ask. It doesn’t matter if a group is not popular in Korea. They have a fandom outside of that country who support them thoroughly.
There was a time these knetz used to bash BTS for having a fandom larger than the fandom in Korea and said they will vanish soon. But look at them now.


the same is not true for this group. they are not famous in or outside of Korea so again comparing them to BTS is pathetically low


No one knows that group but their fans. Even in the US not a single local gonna know what a stay kid is.

Kpop Boomer

Why aren’t they popular in Korea? Uh, have you heard their music? lol

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