Stray Kids are popular in other countries, but why aren’t they popular in Korea?

Honestly, they’re not as popular as other 4th generation male idols in Korea…

Since their album has sold 5 million copies, they must have exploded overseas

1. I hate that school violence group

2. They got #1 on Billboard 200, they got the best response overseas

3. Doesn’t the fact that they hold fan meetings and concerts in KSPO Dome prove they are so popular in Korea?

4. Seriously, I don’t know…?

5. Because school violence and the songs are too loud for muggles to listen to their songs

6. They just shouted a lot on stage

7. Where did they become popular in other countries?

8. Are you asking because you really don’t know? It’s a school violence group

9. Because foreigners don’t care about their school violence controversy

10. They are only popular in China

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