Stray Kids Bang Chan apologizes for his recent comments

Stray Kids Bang Chan’s Instagram Update

1. I feel sorry for IVE. That boy group is shameless

2. Don’t mention other idols in the future~

3. Now that you know how fans react, please be careful when mentioning other idols in the future

4. You did a good job of apologizing, please be careful with your words and actions in the future

5. You did a great job apologizing, I hope Stray Kids fans stop being so rude

6. Anyway, I’m glad he apologized and I hope he’ll be more careful in the future

7. It is true that he was careless, but I think he was criticized too much. Please be careful in the future

8. He only bullies women

9. Honestly, the fans should apologize

10. Be careful with your mouth in the future

11. Your fandom is a bully, so please be careful what you say

12. I feel sorry for the idols who get criticized because of him, stop talking about other people

13. Your apologies are a bit late, if you know what your fans are like, be careful what you say;

14. He apologized, so be careful from now on~

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he’s still an untalented, ugly, short, attention-seeking incel with a victim complex



I Hope someone bully you Like how you bully him motherf*cker


The audacity of this dumbass to lecture others about politeness and decency lol Mf, you have a whole violent, women-hating bully in your own group. Worry about that instead of sending your deranged 9-year-old stans to attack innocent young female idols.

spicy spice

the funny thing is when he talk about manner but his fans being barbaric throwing hate towards certain idol who got nothing to do with them.

he build his own image with boyfriend material, wise, gentleman but crying like a baby infront of his brainless fangirls just because he was ignored lmao.
he should take care his group’s image in the future cuz the word “bully” will always attached with his group.


funny how all this blew up bc of their tiktok stans


He said what he said. I’m not even his fan, but he was right. Newer idols lack manners


A boomer is here lol. Even gen z korean are against this toxic senior-junior r’ship. This thing blew up on korea side because of many reason. Of course the main reason is his fans attacking ive while stanning a bully and women hater..and his fans is same..they are busy attacking ive on both twitter and ig acc. Ive ig is a mess right now


Who are you? A korean? Why would you care abt those when knetz aka korean doesnt care abt this bow thing aka korean manner lol

spicy spice

funny to see SEA fangirls talk abt korean manners lmao.


he’s the one who lacks manners


His dumb fans are attacking ive and act like victim when they’re the one who started it lol

Teenaged puppy

And no apology from rm from being racist


What to expect from a bully group? He should’ve been wiser atleast by not mentioning the event, he’s too stupid to understand what he did harming many groups

realest out here. and FUCK LARRY.

bully kids strike again


Imagine being that 1 girl on tiktok, w her full confidence & acting like she personally knows this tryhard flop group for 15 years, did some kind of elimination to see which group that bchan meant. I rmmbr she confidently said smthg about how the guy won’t exposed which group, bt she won’t be kind & just let it slide then proceeded to do some list of group, gve reasons as to why these group were not the 1 bchan meant until Ive. Such a clownery, need to be studied

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