Stray Kids Bang Chan apologizes for his recent comments

Stray Kids Bang Chan’s Instagram Update

1. I feel sorry for IVE. That boy group is shameless

2. Don’t mention other idols in the future~

3. Now that you know how fans react, please be careful when mentioning other idols in the future

4. You did a good job of apologizing, please be careful with your words and actions in the future

5. You did a great job apologizing, I hope Stray Kids fans stop being so rude

6. Anyway, I’m glad he apologized and I hope he’ll be more careful in the future

7. It is true that he was careless, but I think he was criticized too much. Please be careful in the future

8. He only bullies women

9. Honestly, the fans should apologize

10. Be careful with your mouth in the future

11. Your fandom is a bully, so please be careful what you say

12. I feel sorry for the idols who get criticized because of him, stop talking about other people

13. Your apologies are a bit late, if you know what your fans are like, be careful what you say;

14. He apologized, so be careful from now on~

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