Stray Kids’ Bang Chan talks about the hoobaes who didn’t greet him

Stray Kids’ Bang Chan, ‘noisy’ with the hoobaes who refuse to greet him

1. As expected, it’s like a gang of school bullies. But honestly, the hoobaes probably avoided them because they didn’t want to get involved with them

2. He wants to act like a sunbae

3. This is funny, isn’t he in the same group as Hyunjin?

4. Does he get upset when he sees a bully in the group?

5. It’s like a school bully group

6. School bullies always greet each other because they don’t want to be beaten

7. If you don’t even remember which group, why are you talking about it?? No matter how many groups there are, their hair will be grabbed by haters for no reason and they will be cursed

8. Do they have to greet the school bully first?

9. What?? Stray Kids’ Bang Chan???

10. Even Cho Yong Pil wouldn’t say anything about it…

11. If you don’t have the courage to say who they are, don’t tell me in the first place

12. Maybe they didn’t greet him because I didn’t know his face

13. Why are you saying that to the fans?

14. They can’t see him because he’s short

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