Stray Kids’ Bang Chan talks about the hoobaes who didn’t greet him

Stray Kids’ Bang Chan, ‘noisy’ with the hoobaes who refuse to greet him

1. As expected, it’s like a gang of school bullies. But honestly, the hoobaes probably avoided them because they didn’t want to get involved with them

2. He wants to act like a sunbae

3. This is funny, isn’t he in the same group as Hyunjin?

4. Does he get upset when he sees a bully in the group?

5. It’s like a school bully group

6. School bullies always greet each other because they don’t want to be beaten

7. If you don’t even remember which group, why are you talking about it?? No matter how many groups there are, their hair will be grabbed by haters for no reason and they will be cursed

8. Do they have to greet the school bully first?

9. What?? Stray Kids’ Bang Chan???

10. Even Cho Yong Pil wouldn’t say anything about it…

11. If you don’t have the courage to say who they are, don’t tell me in the first place

12. Maybe they didn’t greet him because I didn’t know his face

13. Why are you saying that to the fans?

14. They can’t see him because he’s short

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i thought we were past these stupid superiority games


It has nothing to do with feeling superior, greeting people who are in the same room as you is basic manner ..


Respect is earned, not given. If even their hoobaes can’t respect them then it’s their fault. Who wants to greet a group of bullies anyway??

Ladyboy Lisa

Eww why u demand respect 😭 no wonder these fanbase still defending that bully


who wanna respect a group of bullies. and they’re more nugu than their hoobaes too. jokes on them

spicy spice

but you guys are….. nugu.


i know he’s talking abt IVE


i know you’re talking about your delusions


This flop’s reactions and stuff he says about other groups always seems so fake, and here he is – knowing how his fans are and what they’ve done in past – and he’s manipulating things again. This is why some groups should stay irrelevant unknowns, they can’t handle a single drop of influence.


“They can’t see him because he’s short” 😭😭😭


Bangchan should’ve called and corrected that group in private, now he’s harming many groups. I feel bad for them


cause he’s a attention seeking loser with a victim complex


ugly, untalented, butthurt incel


Am I starting to imagine things? Isn’t this the second time he opens this exact same subject? 🤔


Sorry im on bangchan’s side this time. The newer idols are so disrespectful, look at jang wonyong. She wont bother to bow to the seniors she interviewed on music show. But people are calling this a bully. Stating that someone is lack of basic culture manners is not a bully.


You just hate women


then he should call out his own member instead. last time i checked he’s got the most disrespectful guy as a fellow member. talking about manners when your group is bunch of incels are so funny

The truth


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13. Why are you saying that to the fans?

Because he wants the fans to bully other idols


Talking about manners when they have a bully in their group

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