Stray Kids can surpass BTS’s record this year

As of October, there was a difference of 400,000 copies between the two groups, but Stray Kids sold 400,000 copies in October

If they sell well in November and December, they will surpass BTS

Of course, Proof is a special album and Maxident is a mini album, so the price difference is huge, but it doesn’t seem to make much sense

BTS has been at the one top of Circle annual chart since 2017, so if Stray Kids surpass BTS this time, their record will be broken in 5 years

[+87, -363]

1. [+183, -4] No, the price difference between the two groups’ albums is more than 3 times? And they’re saying they’ll surpass BTS. Did you know the special edition albums that cost 300,000 won were sold out, but it wasn’t reflected on the chart?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

2. [+169, -5] Are you comparing an album with 2 versions and an album with 11 versions? And the price difference is huge

3. [+76, -170] Stray Kids is the one top of the 4th generation

4. [+73, -122] Stray Kids is amazing

5. [+50, -3] So you’re saying that if BTS doesn’t sell any copies in the remaining two months of this year, Stray Kids can catch up with BTS, right? What logic is this?

6. [+42, -0] But are you saying BTS’ sales won’t increase until December?

7. [+35, -2] If BTS had released a mini album like Stray Kids and not an anthology, they would have sold over 6 million copies

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Lmao stfu with your 20+ version


Dynamite with 2782939392 remixes


U stupid can differentiate btwn album & song now? Is it by chance, damaged by the construction noise music that skz force u to listen??

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Dynamite still has less versions than SKZ new album 😀

But I wasn’t done…

Dynamite would still be number one without the remixes but bullykids still can’t get number one with 34637895 albums ijbol


Dynamite with one version outsold and outcharted your wannabe favs entire discography combined. Have not charted on hot 100 ever and can only get on 200 with shady tactics of having overseas sales count for us along with double digit versions. Wouldnt even chart if it was not for that. Bts charted with nondistribution and digitals alone back in 2015 so sit tf down


#2 spilled


20version and cheap price shouldn’t brag


The obsession of those guys’ fandom to align their favorites with BTS has no end, they are not in the same place, sorry, not sorry, don’t embarrass them anymore.


well they said on twitter that SKZ’s intention to make so many comebacks in a single year is to surpass BTS and it’s not a lie, that’s really the intention.


Let’s talk abt jyp wanted skz to be the next bts. So sad it will never happen because they got no demand outside their fandom. Korean gp will never celebrate their achievements.


lol bts gave kpop a chance with 2 expensive versions and out of stocks plus lots of uncounted sales but other kpop groups still have a hard time trying to surpass them with inflated tactics. next year is kpop’s last chance though but maknae-line members could give them a hard time because look at how much Jin sold…


these artists should really be thankful bighit only released 2 versions this year.


how are you not embarrassed selling 11 versions for one same album lmaoo


It is not 3 version? I thought they said they only did 3 version for the latest album? But actually 11?




3. [+76, -170] Stray Kids is the one top of the 4th generation
4. [+73, -122] Stray Kids is amazing

downvotes deserved lmao 🤡


BTS w only 1 cb vs skz with cb in every quarter…be grateful BTS only cb once this year


Apparently every article in korea has the modifier “next bts” when they refer to stray kids. The fckn audacity

WhatsThe Point

2 version album vs too many versions and price difference.
Also BTS had 1 expensive anthology album released, while stay kids already had 2-3 cbs with cheap prices.. doesn’t make sense no.
Acting like BTS don’t sell the highest every month

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WhatsThe Point

Jyp is fcking obsessed with next BTS title for start kids so I won’t be surprised if that group has another cb before this year ends… Like y’all need 3-5 cbs a year to catch upto 1 BTS cb.

Oh and svt too, releasing so many versions and photocards

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WhatsThe Point

Y’all know how anything BTS does, the industry finds a way to block them?
BTS was doing well on charts, so reforming them but BTS still on charts, BTS is the most viewed act on yt so shadowbanned hybe channel.
So I want BTS to release an album with 14 versions, watch how fast all these charts especially billboard will cap the number of versions and say only albums with less than a certain number of versions will be counted


20k ‘stadium’ stan really getting brave nowadays. Park jin young really works hard with mediaplay.


They can surpass bts in only mediaplay


Even Hybe is not obssessed pushing their boygroups and mediaplaying them as the next BTS like JYP do to SKZ ☠️


and yet no one knows who they are or any of their “music” 💀💀


Stray kids mediaplay as they going to surpass bts is just so stupid. Like who even listening to them?


It’s so fan to watch army loose their shit on the off change someone else will sell more than their beloved 875😂😂😂


Still cant chart better than bts skit. Also make them only cb once with 2versions then we’ll talk


Broooo, SKZ can’t even chart on Melon Top100 and you expect us to like the fact that BTS is being compared to those flops?


Where are stray kids grammy nominations tho? 🙂


They lost it somewhere during the construction of their noise music..


can stays just shut the fck up?


The way I yawned at this post 😒


That means, the only way to surpass BTS is when BTS is not active


Guys dont forget to vote bts 💜


It’s so funny how Skz stans loooove to compare their faves to BTS whenever their favs surpass 1 out of 1110000 of BTS’ records lmaoo. Yesterday, Skz got more votes than BTS on MAMA and kpoppies really thought Skz is equal to BTS like… be fr.

Skz has:

0 daesang from the big 3 award shows: GDA, MMA, MAMA
0 daesang sweep
0 #1 on Melon Top100
0 AMAs
0 Grammy noms
0 Hot100 entry

And their stans expect ARMYs to love BTS being compared to a group like that? The way I cackled.


Yeah… Right…


There was no reason for that person to post that. 😬😬


I wonder how many versions they’ll sell this time


bruhh, the fact that hybe don’t even promote their bts juniors as “next bts” but these people from other company is too obsessed over it says a lot 😂


Lol I don’t know why some people are bullying straykids for what the media say about them 😂 they don’t need to be the next BTS they are straykids and always be the straykids


The way Straykids getting fame I think they can become the next big kpop group their group leader is working really hard and they are making good music I hope for their success in the future

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