Stray Kids Hyunjin beats BTS V in album sales in China

Hyunjin beats V in album sales in China

ARMYs say that it’s hard for male idols to change generation because of BTS, but the generational change is happening overseas

[+69, -203]

1. [+110, -18] I think you guys really have nothing to say after seeing this

2. [+106, -11] You have to look at the price, not the quantity of the album, the album price is double the difference…

3. [+101, -12] That’s why I hate HYBE. They only make expensive albums

4. [+91, -15] But the price of BTS albums is twice as expensiveㅋㅋㅋ

5. [+26, -1] You are comparing it to BTS’s old sales, which was blocked by the bulk purchasing ban in China 2-3 years agoㅋㅋㅋㅋ

6. [+20, -4] Do you really think that Hyunjin’s personal popularity is higher than that of the BTS members?

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Lol…anyway bully Hyunjin and his group will never beat BTS in anything that’s actually relevant.


True he is ugly bully


Smoker bad breath v and his cocky attitude aren’t any better.


are they claiming taehyung is now losing his popularity and hyunjin is more popular than him at overseas now ☠️


every single day there’s someone whose name is stuck to him for attention and validation
& their fans getting brave with it is the funniest part


Armys been discouraging bulk buying for years. Bully hyunjin is not more popular lmao


How hyunjin still active after all those bullying???


How’s v still active after all those scandals? Caught smoking in public, being arrogant to fans and reporter, connection with the Chun family, Hanseohee scandal? 🤔


taehyung doesn’t make people traumatized for their life like hyunjin did by bullying these people🕴how is smoking is at the same level as bullying


Gosh, you all are so annoying, maybe if you invested ur time in researching the issue you would shut your trap


the way u try to make them “scandals” is so HSH & airport case he was innocent.joanna is his friend & there’s nothing scandalous about it & the only controversial part of him being caught smoking was ppl complaining why he didn’t do it in his black a bully stan u smell too much to talk about Kim Taehyung’s breath.move bug.


Hiw are you comparing fkn bullying to ecigs lmao. Pathetic just like your favs. Go buy one of your 20 versions of construction noise


the way that bully got away with everything and people are hyping him up beating Taehyung but they nitpicked Taehying for not smiling to reporters once and bashed him repeatedly on pann since then… the world is insane these days.


If garam got kicked so should he


Patético y aquí en le importa china esos seguirán siendo irrelevantes mientras tanto v sigue en la sima y el que hacía bullying pues quién es


People really think their idols can surpass bts. I’ve heard very few things weirder than that.

But I wasn’t done

Let’s not delude ourselves. Taehyung is arguably the most famous idol right now (with competition only from his own group)I know we not comparing him to some fad bully to stroke 4th gen’s ego. You’ll never be Kim Taehyung.


did those chinese mainlanders not know about his school bully/violence scandal tho? why would they bulk-buy and support someone like him who deserves to get kick out of the group like i knew he kinda went viral in mainland china recently but that doesn’t justify his dark controversial past tho 🤷‍♀️

Last edited 5 months ago by okay

Why do they compare bts $50 album with that bully group $5 album. Stupid


V =230000×50 = 21.5m
Bully hyunjin = 230000 ×5 = 1.1m

Pls this is embarrassing


Stray trolls are fckn hilarious


How much do that album cost?


I love how most the people are going after Hyunjin being a bully and still being active because of this news. Looks like people still comment without any research. It was legally proven that he was innocent, even his teachers proved that he was innocent and it was nothing more than just a verbal argument. Even with the alligations being proven wrong which shows how much of a sweetheart he is you can say he is not as famous and V i have no problem and okay let’s agree on that but stop pulling him for things that were proven wrong. I won’t say much because I don’t want to start a fanwar and get the entire fandom STAY get scolded by leader Bang Chan since he hates fanwars.

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