Stray Kids Lollapalooza performance disappoints many fans

Similar to the disappointment of Blackpink’s Coachella, Stray Kids’ Lollapalooza performance in Paris failed to live up to the high expectations set by the K-pop group. Despite not being sold-out, their fans came from all europe and served a bad image of Kpop, occupying the best places hours in advance and so making the previous artists perform in a dead crowd. However, stray kids fans eagerly awaited the opportunity to witness their favorite band in action on an international stage, but unfortunately, the concert left many feeling underwhelmed and disheartened.

Headlining Lollapalooza is a common thing in K-pop since J-hope did it in 2022. Tomorrow by Together, or even NewJeans are performing in it easily. 

Stray Kids has garnered a massive global following. Their energetic performances and innovative music have earned them a dedicated fanbase, making their presence at Lollapalooza Paris a highly anticipated event. However, despite the group’s talent and potential, their performance at this renowned music festival fell short in several aspects.

One of the primary reasons for the disappointment was the lack of connection with the audience. Live performances are all about establishing a bond between the performers and their fans. Whether it’s through powerful vocals, captivating dance moves, or engaging banter, artists need to be able to connect with their audience on a personal level. Stray Kids’ Lollapalooza performance seemed to lack this vital connection, leaving fans feeling disconnected and distant from the group they admired.

Min Jun-Lee, a Korean fan on Kakao said : ” I was so disappointed, it looked like we’ve already saw… Nothing really new” 

Moreover, the group’s setlist was not as captivating as expected. While Stray Kids undoubtedly has a repertoire of hit songs, their choice of songs for Lollapalooza Paris didn’t seem to showcase their best and most crowd-pleasing tracks. This left many fans yearning for more, feeling as though they didn’t get to experience the full spectrum of the group’s musical prowess.

Despite the disappointment, it’s essential to understand that one underwhelming performance does not define an artist’s talent or potential. Stray Kids has proven time and again that they are an exceptional group with immense potential, and their future performances might still bring joy and excitement to their fans.

Knetz seem disapointed and would have prefered to see Tomorrow by Together or EXO headlining instead. Stray Kids lack of popularity in Korea seem not to be on his way to get resolved…