Stray Kids surpassed Seventeen and NCT to become the A-list boy group now

Stray Kids really seems to be the A-list male idol group right now

Official Circle Chart

They surpassed Seventeen and NCT

[+78, -249]

1. [+166, -18] Do they have any popular songs?

2. [+129, -10] But seriously, they don’t have any songs that I remember

3. [+75, -9] Are they still the bully group? But what’s up with these people?

4. [+33, -1] Please kick the school violence member out

5. [+28, -30] NCT Dream’s 3rd album is coming out and it’ll be at #2

6. [+26, -3] They’re on their own A-list

7. [+24, -7] I don’t know what their A-list group means? You have to have a balance between digital music and album. The only A-list groups are BTS, Seventeen, and NCT Dream

8. [+24, -0] TXT and BTS only had one comeback this year

9. [+21, -2] Yeah yeah, you just need to sell a lot of albums

10. [+19, -1] Whenever I see Stray Kids fans, it’s like they’re talking to a wall

11. [+14, -2]

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