Suga responds to people who say BTS stopped group activities

What Suga just said

‘We never said that we would stop group activities, it’s the journalists who write stuff like that’

[+564, -29]

1. [+118, -3] “We never said that we would stop group activities. It was the people who wrote the article. It’s not our fault.” Suga said

2. [+107, -4] Suga today

3. [+72, -3] Yoongi said let’s grow old together. Alright, let’s go!!

4. [+56, -0] That’s right

5. [+21, -0] Seriously, it’s ridiculous when they say that BTS’s individual activities plan was interrupted by group activities and BTS is going down the road to disbanding the group…

6. [+18, -0] Our Yoongi, who said well what he had to say, he couldn’t stand injustice

7. [+16, -1] For BTS, it’s great that the eldest Jin and Suga blow away the bad guys

8. [+11, -28] But he knows that member V from the same group made them stop group activities

9. [+7, -13] Why didn’t he talk about military service??

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Why the fck would he talk about military service at a concert that is for busan world expo bid. Trolls


8. [+11, -28] But he knows that member V of the same group made them stop group activities.

What stupidity this anti Tae is out of his mind, what fault will he have, he is the one with the least activity, leave him alone, this is the decision of the 7 and they never said they were going to separate
Leave V alone!

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Lmao, they thought a dating rumor would cause the biggest boy group in the world to stop group activities? Dumbasses lmao.


How did Tae force them to stop group activities? Hobi, JK, Jin and yoongi have all done individual promotions. Just say you’re jealous of Tae n go

WhatsThe Point

8. But he knows that member V from the same group made them stop group activities

Whatever tf this person is on


comment 5
it’s true that their group activities left no time for them to grow as individual artist they talked about it though.but it doesn’t mean they abandon the group for their solo era.that would be just falling from the other side of the roof.they’re trying to make a balance between being BTS as a whole & growing up as an artist that has so much to say & it’s great cause the BTS who will comeback after this journey will be a much more mature BTS with experienced members who’s brain is fresh & ready to kill it.bigger than they did so far

& comment 8 you can choke cause the first member who suggested this break was Hoseok & he just expressed what everyone was already thinking.
tae was shaking & sobbing in 2018 MAMA with just the mention of their thought at a time about disbanding.”he made them stop the group”yall don’t deserve him & it’s proven every single fucking day.

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How tf did Taehyung stop group activities lmaooooo. You think his 52 million insta followers care abt his dating rumor? Nobody gaf.

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