Suga responds to the reporter saying that BTS imitates The Beatles

He’s so smart and crazy

At the press conference at Wembley, the reporter said: “Did you guys intentionally dress like The Beatles?”

Suga’s reply: “I don’t know, I don’t think The Beatles wore these – this is Thom Browne.”

The Beatles debuted in 1963, Thom Browne was born in 1965

1. But why did the reporter ask such a rude question?

2. The foreign media compared the popularity of The Beatles with the popularity of BTS.. It’s the UK, so the reporter asked that question

3. Wow he’s so smart

4. I’m glad Min Yoongi is a member of BTS

5. I’m really proud that Min Yoongi is my idol

6. Well, that was the highlight of the press conference

7. Our Suga is the best

8. Thom Browne was born later than The Beatles, so The Beatles never wore Thom Browne in their promotions, so he said they didn’t imitate The Beatles

9. As expected, Min Yoongi is so smart

10. Min Yoongi is crazy

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