Suga’s tour shows that BTS’ ticketing power hasn’t waned

BTS is really BTS

Suga is on his solo tour

22 shows + and more

[+281, -6]

1. [+40, -0] Chicago!

2. [+40, -0] This was his concert in New York

3. [+22, -0] Highest concert revenue ever by a Korean solo artist in the US

4. [+9, -0] I won the ticket at the Seoul concert.. I can’t brag because all my friends are far away so I show it off here.. I’m so excited

5. [+6, -0] So why isn’t there a seat for me?ㅠㅠ

6. [+5, -0] Yoongi-yah.. The glory of the Chicago concert will never go away… Let’s add another concert in Seoul..

7. [+4, -0] There are a lot of people who couldn’t win at the Seoul concert.. Please increase the scale and do additional concerts

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