Sullyoon cried when the male fan asked her to “explain why she didn’t look into his camera”

Sullyoon’s fansign video

The male fan (a fansite master) is alleged to have asked Sullyoon to “explain why she didn’t look into his camera.”

“Because of the unfortunate things that have happened, we the fans have been trying to keep things lighthearted by saying positive things only. So who are you to make her explain herself like this, hold back the tears, and end up breaking down in front of another fan? Why did you make her cry? You’ve ruined it for so many people”

1. Crazy, is he crazy?

2. ??? Why is that fan like that???? Is he a fan? Crazy

3. Ah.. I really hate it.. Honestly, he’s just a stalker

4. Don’t touch our Sullyoon, you crazy ba$tard

5. She endured and tried to keep her expression in front of the next fan, she’s just a 20 year old kid. Sullyoon-ah, be happy!!

6. Is he crazy? What the hell did he do? Don’t bully Sullyoon

7. What are the staff doing…?

8. No, even though I’m not a fan of NMIXX, I’m angry

9. Why are you doing this to a kid? ㅠㅠ If you really love and are a fan, you shouldn’t be ㅠㅠ

10. Don’t bully our princess Sullyoon

11. It’s really hard to live as an idol

12. Ba$tard… that ba$tard doesn’t deserve to be a fan

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