Summary of the development of HYBE, SM, YG, and JYP in the 4 recent years

HYBE, SM, YG, and JYP’s yearly sales (Korea/Overseas)… in the 4 recent years

The numbers are in 100 million won
Blue = overseas
Orange = Korea

2019 / Tours of BTS, TVXQ, EXO, TWICE, BLACKPINK, NCT, etc.

2020 / Corona and HYBE listing (acquiring Pledis and KOZ in the second half of the year)

2021 / Corona, several overseas tours in the second half of the year

2022 / Seventeen, ENHYPEN, TXT, TWICE, BLACKPINK, Stray Kids resume world tour, BTS Jin enlists

2023 / TWICE (6 stadiums in the US and Japan), BLACKPINK (6 stadiums in France, United Arab Emirates and Southeast Asia), Stray Kids, TXT, NCT, BTS Suga, and more. World tour, BTS members scheduled to enlist

TOP3 album sales by year

1.BTS MOTS : PERSONA = 3,718,230
2.Seventeen AN ODE = 858,872
3.EXO OBSESSION = 766,294

1.BTS MOTS : PERSONA = 2,539,70*
2.Seventeen AN ODE = 795,78*
3.EXO OBSESSION = 601,10*

1.BTS MOTS : 7 = 4,376,975
2.BTS BE = 2,692,022
3.Seventeen Heng:garæ = 1,377,813

1.BTS MOTS : 7 = 3,839,24*
2.BTS BE = 2,343,70*
3.Seventeen Heng:garæ = 1,146,46*

1.BTS Butter = 2,999,407
2.NCT 127 Sticker = 2,427,559
3.NCT DREAM Hot Sauce = 2,097,185

1.BTS BUTTER = 2,258,2**
2.Seventeen ATTACCA = 1,966,0**
3.NCT DREAM Hot Sauce = 1,824,2**

1.BTS Proof = 3,482,598
2.Stray Kids MAXIDENT = 3,176,233
3.Seventeen Face the Sun = 2,867,353

1.BTS PROOF = 3,051,082
2.Stray Kids MAXIDENT = 2,658,920
3.Seventeen FACE THE SUN = 2,521,486

Their main artists

HYBE: 6 groups + 3 people = 46 people
-Big Hit Music: BTS (7), TXT (5)
-Pledis Entertainment (2020.5.19): Seventeen (13), Baekho, Hwang Minhyun, fromis_9 (8)
-KOZ Entertainment (2020.11.17): Zico
-Source Music (2019.8.5): LE SSERAFIM (5)
-ADOR: NewJeans (5)

SM: 9 groups + 21 people = 61 people
Kangta, BoA, TVXQ (2), Super Junior (10), SNSD (5), SHINee (4), EXO (8), Red Velvet (5), NCT (16), WayV (7), Aespa (4) , Kim Kyungsik, Kim Dongwoo, Kim Minjong, Choi Jongyoon, Lee Jaeryong, Yoo Hojeong, Nam Kwangwoo, Lee Chulwoo, Lim Jaebin, Han Seokhyeon, Kim Youngun, Zhou Mi, Lee Jiyeon, Oh Jimin, Park Dongju, Chris, Tao, Kim Sungkyung, Jo Junyoung

YG: 8 groups + 38 people = 74 people
Jinusean(2) Sechs Kies(4) Big Bang(4) Winner(4) iKON(6) AKMU(2) BLACKPINK(4) Treasure (10)
Gal Sowon, Kang Dongwon*, Kyung Sujin, Kwonsol, Kwon, Hyun Bin, Kim Soo Hyun. Kim Hyunjin, Kim Heeae, Moon Jihyo, Park Soyi
Park Sooyeon, Park Taein, Park Hyungseop, Seo Yiseo, Seo Jeongyeon, Son Naeun, Sim Youngeun, Yoo Seungho, Yoo Yeonsoo, Yoo Inna
Lee Kang Hee, Lee Seong Kyung, Lee Soo Hyuk, Lee Wooje, Lee Joomyeong, Lee Hojung, Jang Kiyong, Jang Deoksoo, Jang Hyunseong and Jung Yunseok
Jung Hyeyoung, Joo Woojae, Jinkyung, Cha Seungwon, Cha Jaeyi, Choi Dahye, Choi Jiwoo, Han Seungyeon
*2022.12.30 contract termination

JYP: 7 groups + 3 people = 46 people
Park Jin Young, 2PM (4), DAY6 (4), TWICE (9), Stray Kids (8), ITZY (5), Xdinary Heroes (6), NMIXX (7)*, Shin Yeeun, Kim Donghee
*2022.12.09 Jinni terminated her contract with JYP

1. Wow, it wouldn’t be a joke if BTS went on tour

2. Last year, HYBE’s overseas sales exceeded $1 trillion. BTS is really amazing

3. In Korea, SM is the one top

4. I thought JYP’s sales in Korea would be higher than YG’s, but I’m surprised

5. Hul, sales of HYBE = sales of 3 companies SM, YG and JYP

6. Big Hit should treat BTS well, seriously

7. SM’s domestic sales are bigger than I thought

8. YG has BLACKPINK and has a lot of artists, but their sales are less than I thought..?

9. I don’t know much about idols, but I’m grateful that HYBE seems to have saved K-Pop, which depends on the Chinese Dream

10. SM in Korea, HYBE overseas

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Color color stan

Sm in korea but only aespa charts 😂

I've wonyoung

Aespa ugly plastic hags


At the rate Hybe is going (esp with the mess sm has been in), it’s likely to be the top seller in SK for this year.

I appreciate whomever posted this that they broke down the numbers. It’s really clear that BTS isn’t simply a wall; they’re so big that it’s actually laughable to say anyone is 2nd to them. The gap is too astronomical. It’s a joke to even compare anyone to them at all.

Last edited 2 months ago by EMs

NJ breaking those records soon 😘

Color color stan

careful, maybe ive will break newjeans record first 😂


nj can’t even win a simple voting lmao 😂 meanwhile bts bring 50 billion $ to s.k every year , have 1000 awards & 110 million album sales 😚
talk to me when they bring 0.1% of these achievements


Newjeans already replace BTS as face of company now


I mean, in physical sales the difference between them and SK and 17 are not so big (at least not in 2021 and 2022), but I don’t think this really makes such a deal since Proof was a diferent kind of album and Butter was a single (?) – and that is like the closest thing they get to BTS


No wonder hybe really want to acquire sm..hmmmm

Color color stan

the difference between their income from korea is negligible tbh

Hi, I'm Guest

Ofc SM sales in SK would be higher than Hybe. Look at how many artists they had that already known in SK that did cb over the years. However, the diff the domestic sales btwn SM & Hybe barely exist unlike the diff the overseas sales btwn SM & Hybe. Thank God BSH made a wise decision & get his hands off of SM

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