Summary of the live and lip-syncing stage at Aespa’s concert

Only the colored songs are live, the rest are lip sync

1. But why don’t they sing live? It’s not like they can’t sing live

2. Well.. The live stage is much less

3. They can lip sync, but shouldn’t they accept the public’s disappointment? If they don’t want the public to be disappointed, they just need to perform live

4. They are not polite to the fans

5. They didn’t perform live at the concert..??

6. I thought the colored songs were lip sync..

7. But how do you know if they sing live or not?

8. Really? I was surprised

9. Their fans say that they sing live so well, but why do they keep lip syncing?

10. I’m not surprised, SM idols always lip sync

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yes, aespa can sing, but the members chose not to sing live. it’s no longer a problem of sm management, if the idols want to sing live, i don’t see the reason for sm to refuse it. it’s funny how their fans still defended them despite all these. i guess the fans got what they payed for.


Even if the members didn’t want to lipsynce why sm doesn’t force ? Seriously lipsynce is offensive at least don’t hold microphone

Lip-singing Sync

Aespa’s lip-syncing skills are amazing! Their stage presence and energy is truly captivating!


lipsync is a genre


There should be a guarantee that if an idol lipsyncs at a concert, 100% money is returned.

spicy spice

since when sm idols are serving at least 80% live singing for their set list at their concerts lmao. even sm town concerts are basically dance festival. why so surprised?


#5 got it


So why do a concert?

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