Super Junior’s album that was designed and artistically directed by Min Heejin

It made Super Junior the top idols

3rd album ‘Sorry, Sorry’

1. The sensitivity Min Heejin pursues hasn’t changed, but it’s still the sensitivity we all likeㅋㅋ

2. After all, SM’s sensitivity imprinted on me is Min Heejin’s sensitivity

3. It reminds me of The Beatles

4. Wow, these are the best photos of Super Junior I’ve ever seen

5. This woman is a genius;

6. I think she’s really talented. All the songs in that album are good

7. Looking back now, I think I fell in love with Min Heejin, not SM

8. It’s similar to EXO’s debut album

9. This album is a masterpiec

10. I like Min Heejin’s sensitivity

11. At that time, the album was very nice so I bought it even though I’m not a fan of Super Junior

12. TVXQ didn’t work with Min Heejin?

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