Suzy’s shocking visuals on the red carpet at Baeksang

Suzy on the red carpet at Baeksang

1. She looks like a real doll, she’s so pretty

2. How can she look so pretty with her bangs? I also want to see the version without bangs

3. Oh, I got goosebumps, she’s so pretty

4. Wow she’s f*cking pretty

5. Isn’t she a princess??

6. Suzy is Suzy, she looks like a black swan, how did she look like that?

7. She looks like CG

8. I can’t believe Suzy is already 30 years old ㅠㅠㅠ She’s so pretty

9. Is she a doll?

10. She’s seriously pretty. She is a black swan, but her face is like an angel

11. Seriously, she’s the prettiest in Korea, the Korean princess

12. Suzy is Suzy, she’s f*cking pretty

13. Wow, her face is crazy, she’s so pretty these days

14. It’s a goddess.. No, she’s so pretty. Wow. Goddess Suzy

15. She’s not human… She’s just a doll

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