Taeyang and BLACKPINK Lisa get praise for their vocals and dancing skills in ‘Shoong!’ performance video

Taeyang – ‘Shoong!’ (feat. BLACKPINK Lisa)’ PERFORMANCE VIDEO

1. Wow Taeyang still dances well and is cool

2. Lisa’s part is so good

3. Taeyang and Lisa’s song is so good, they’re really good at dancing

4. Lisa is really good at rapping

5. I thought it would be hip-hop, but it’s sweet R&B

6. Lisa’s style is so perfect

7. Lisa is crazy ㅠㅠ Both are really good

8. They dance well, their voices sound more harmonious than I thought, and I really like Lisa’s part

9. Lisa looks like a pop star

10. They dance so well, I like Lisa’s voice too

11. The two of them match better than I thought. The visuals, vocals, and choreography are all so good. The MV is good too

12. The song is so good. Lisa’s part is good too

13. I think they both dance well, but Lisa is amazing

14. The song is good and the choreography is good too

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