“Taeyang’s part will be good” Netizens share divided predictions about Taeyang x Jimin’s song

What do you think of Taeyang x Jimin’s song?

I think the song will be something like Ringa Lingaㅋㅋ

[+71, -32]

1. [+73, -10] Baemin, let’s go!!

2. [+71, -9] I’m looking forward to their dance ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ Both are dance members

3. [+65, -11] At least the song is good

4. [+64, -12] How long have you been waiting for Taeyang’s comeback?ㅋㅋㅋ With Jimin’s participation, can we expect not only domestic but also overseas?

5. [+59, -8] I can’t believe Taeyang’s song is coming out, both are dancers, so I’m looking forward to the performance

6. [+34, -26] BTS akgaes look like ba$tards who are inferior to Jimin, disgustingㅋㅋ

7. [+32, -25] Taeyang’s part will be good

8. [+20, -1] Forget everything. Finally, I want to break down the barrier between BTS and Big Bang. I’m looking forward to the combination of the two of them

9. [+18, -1] The song will be good

10. [+17, -3] I hope the beat is really good

11. [+16, -9] Because it’s Jimin, they won’t be able to perform liveㅋ

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He release at 2pm KST. Obviously he wants full tracking for billboard and it is big achievement if he can chart on bbh100. There is nothing wrong with that, so big bang fans need to chill. U don’t care about chart but Taeyang and The Black Label care for it.


Vips are bitter hags but need Jimin for relevancy.


Of course, Pannkpop would post something like this…
First of all, this collaboration is receiving so much hype and support on korean platforms right now. You literally need to search for anti comments to see any negativity and that’s exactly what Pannkpop did. So predictable…

Also, Jimin is literally known for being a fantastic live performer with a beautiful voice. The fact that anyone tries to spread a fake narrative about him not being able to sing is absolutely ludicrous. Jimin is one of the most loved kpop idols and boy group members in the world for a reason.


I was there for ptd vegas (day 3 & 4) and though Jimin is a great dancer, he is not a very good vocalist. His voice was very shaky and sometimes he sounded off key. Also, for songs like bst and fake love, I can hear that they were not live.


That’s your opinion. I don’t agree, but you can feel that way.
I have seen BTS live in 2018 and he sounded really good and really hyped up the audience. Also, he sounded great in Yet to come Busan concert.

There is a huge difference in saying that “he can’t sing” vs “He could be better”. If we are going to say that all the singers, who sing shaky and offkey sometimes are “bad vocalists” then some of the best live singers would be considered bad. That does not seem very reasonable now does it?


The backtrack was really loud in that Busan concert. I won’t use that as a reference, also won’t use a four year old concert as one too. I would understand if he gets tired at the end so of course he would sound shaky but he was like that from the very beginning. It only gets worse as the concert resumes.


You literally could not be more obvious about having your little agenda going on.
The times when I personally know for a fact that Jimin sounded good are not “good enough for reference” but apparently yours are…

We could clearly hear the members live voices during Yet to come Busan concert even if a backing track was used for some of the songs. Also, 4 years is not that long time ago so why can that not be used for reference? Many artists have several years of silence between their albums and performances, but according to you their previous performances are not credible to use for reference when talking about their singing abilities.

You are not being as subtle as you think you are…


Ofc I want to use the recent performances. Four years is a long time and lots have changed. Busan, ptd, sowoozoo, bang bang con are more recent than 2018 tour. I can’t include mots on:e since that one was heavily processed, even his solo stage is pre-recorded. He has issues with his vocals and that’s a fact.


I used two examples. Their most recent concert and the one, where I was physically present. You think I have not seen most of their online concerts and video clips from their previous concerts? I have.

The only reason why Jimin’s mots on:e solo stage was pre-recorded was because of the outfit change during the performance. You would know this if you would have watched their behind the scenes content from that online concert. Also when a performance is pre-recorded, it does not mean that the artist did not actually sing during the recording. We know that Jimin did. So you made zero points there as well.

Edit: Actually now that I think about it, Jimin’s solo stage was simply filmed beforehand. English is not my first language so it’s possible I mixed up the words and should not have used the word pre-recorded at all.

Like I already said, you clearly have an agenda. At the end of day millions of people around the world love and admire Jimin’s talents and him as a person. Jimin stays successful while you spend your time online hating.

Last edited 1 month ago by Jopper

Isn’t pre-recorded same as filmed beforehand? And ofc I know the reason why his solo stage was pre-recorded. I have the memories dvd. Anyway, I don’t have any particular “agenda” here which I’m pretty sure you truly don’t know the meaning behind it. I disagree with you on his vocals, that’s it. It’s not like I have any interest in this song.


That’s what i thought at first but then i started second guessing myself lol. But yeah I think pre-recorded is the right word to use after all.

You honestly seemed like an anti and that’s why I said that. Giving constructive criticism is fine, however the way you expressed your opinion seemed hostile to me.
It’s true though that there is always room for improvement. Problems in vocal technique can be fixed with training. However, this can be a bit tricky for many kpop idols since their schedules are often quite packed. BTS members, including Jimin, have stated that they sometimes take vocal lessons to improve their vocals or to get rid of bad habits.
I think it’s better for us to agree to disagree.


How am I hostile? I didn’t use bad words or called you names. Smh. You can’t expect me to agree with you all the time like “yeah, maybe that was the reason” when I completely disagree with your opinion. I even stated why I disagree too, it’s not like I blatantly hate without experiencing his vocals beforehand. Whatever man, I am done with this.


Did we watch a different concerts cause 😭 JM anti but coming under the post that his about him, how boring are your faves?


u claerly weren’t there. I went both to busan and LA ptd and jimin sings amazing. His live singing is amazing and so clear. Considering that he’s dancing the hardest. Jimin and jungkook i think has the most clear live singing. Even the vocal reactors on yt that went to PTD LA said that jimin voice irl is so magical and he was stunned by it. Another thing is, a person that work behind the stage for audio and stuff said that jungkook and jimin and the rap lines mostly sing live.bcs they can hear it on their in-ear compared to others.


we all know jimin can’t sing

Lazy Banana

Oh stfu

Lazy Banana

Fuck VIPs seriously. Whiny babies all over and full of insults towards Jimin but fuck, look at that Friday release at 2 pm KST and we all know what the heck Taeyang is after and we all know without BTS clout that’d be pretty impossible to achieve.


they never learn to be grateful & humble for this.they’re a bunch of sad & salty oldies acting like 6year olds that’s embarrassing cause we’re the ones who should be bitter but we’re supporting cause jimin accepted this collab & we respect his decision.

WhatsThe Point

Jimin will be talented and successful everywhere while the other one….
Honestly don’t like BTS x criminal bang but will support jimin


Army will move for Jimin, but I don’t think the vips will lift a finger for Taeyang, those ahjummas will be too busy criticizing our guy for everything, envy is what it is.


I hate this collab because of VIP’s attitude.

Forever salty petty b*tces.

They’re even acting up on r/bangtan.

l- 🤢🤢🤢


There has been a lot of conflict between VIPs and ARMYs for years so it was definitely expected that there would be some drama.
Try to stay positive and not let other fans ruin the experience for you. The negative ones are always the loudest, but that does not mean that majority agree.


11. [+16, -9] Because it’s Jimin, they won’t be able to perform liveㅋ

Are we sure bitch?? This is taeyang’s album. I bet that taeyang begged for this collab to jiminie. Thus, he saved the album from being a flop. And jimin may has some mistakes because he is singing live, not mr or not pb. You are not used to these mistakes as you have never seen a live singer in Korea dumb bitch

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