Taeyeon said that she took the subway and no one recognized her

Taeyeon said that she took the subway and no one recognized her

1. In today’s life, it seems like there are many times when you take the subway without looking at your surroundings

2. I only watch Taeyeon on my phone so I don’t think I would recognize her even if she sat in front of me

3. Nowadays everyone only looks at their phones and doesn’t look around, I don’t really know who’s walking, even if it’s a celebrity

4. You might not think that Taeyeon is taking the subway, but even if she were next to you, you would probably think that she is a pretty person who looks like Taeyeon

5. I often walk on the subway without looking at other people’s faces… The only person I see is the person sitting in front of me

6. I was busy looking at my phone on the subway

7. Everyone is looking at their phones

8. Lately I don’t pay much attention to my surroundings

9. She didn’t take the subway, she went to see birthday ads at the subway station

10. She looks like Taeyeon, but who thinks she is the real Taeyeon?

11. What makes you think Taeyeon is taking the subway?

12. Not everyone cares about others

13. I really don’t care if it’s a celebrity or not

14. No, people care less about other people than you think, whether it’s celebrities or anyone else

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