“That’s why SM can’t lose China” Netizens are divided over Aespa ‘Girls’ first day sales

Aespa ‘Girls’ first day sales 698,xxx

1. That’s why SM can’t lose China

2. Not 69,000 copies, but 690,000 copies…. That’s why idols should debut under big agencies

3. Wow, they sell as well as a top male idol group

4. Well, they are the one top girl group of the 4th generation

5. I guess they’ll sell over 1 million copies in the first week

6. That’s why SM keeps debuting Chinese idols

7. Wow, Aespa has surpassed BLACKPINK

8. Wow I’m really jealous

9. You guys can’t do anything but talk about China.. Stop talking about BLACKPINK in the comments

10. It’s true that Aespa is so popular in China, but I’m tired of the comments

11. NingNing, do you have many Chinese fans???

12. I’m not sure, but I think BLACKPINK is more popular in China than Aespa

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