The 2022 MAMA collaboration stage deleted one-shot of former NMIXX member Jinni

Jinni’s one-shot in the female idol collaboration stage on November 29

Top 10 most views stages on December 12

Jinni’s one-shot disappeared in female idol collaboration stage

From 54:03, this was the same part, but it was just a full-stage shot

Among the top 10 moments that was uploaded on the 12th, the Shy Shy Shy part from NMIXX didn’t appear

1. I watched NMIXX because I liked them, but it really affected me because of what they were doing

2. Why is Mnet even like that?

3. No, it makes her someone who never existed.. I don’t know what happened, but this is really too much

4. No, what crime did she commit? Why are they like that???? Seriously, it’s so weird

5. Why do they do this…? I have never seen anything like this

6. JYP, why are you doing this?

7. I really don’t understand

8. She’s not a criminal, I’m curious why they deleted everything like that

9. Is there any reason to do this…?

10. I’m afraid of JYP

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