The 2nd day performer lineup of the 2022 MAMA

November 30 (Wednesday)

Host: Park Bo Gum

3Racha (Stray Kids), ENHYPEN, (G)I-DLE, INI, ITZY, IVE, Jaurim, Jung Jaeil, J-Hope, Lim Young Woong, Monika, NewJeans, NiziU, Tempest, Tiger JK, Treasure, Zico

1. I’m not a fan of Lim Young Woong or a fan of Monika, but I’m most curious about the collaboration between the two of them

2. Can’t wait for J-Hope’s performance

3. Why is 3Racha called Stray Kids?? What is the unit name?

4. I have to watch it, my favorite group’s solo performance is coming soon!!!

5. ENHYPEN fighting

6. I want to meet Zico

7. NewJeans, can’t wait for their performance

8. Oh, J-Hope is coming, I have to watch it

9. I’m looking forward to the collaboration stage of (G)I-DLE and Jaurim

10. For reference, my idol is not in the lineup, but J-Hope? BTS J-Hope? Oh my gosh, I have to watch it

11. Monika is Monika dancer I know, right?

12. I’m looking forward to Hobi and NewJeans

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Okay dumb question but what does 3racha mean? bc everytime i see it i keep thinking of Sriracha.


i guess siracha but the 3 replaces the sir because they got 3 members in the unit i guess


Yeah it originated from Sriracha because 3 is pronounced like the Sri so its a wordplay and because theyre “spicy”

Your point of view caught my eye and was very interesting. Thanks. I have a question for you.

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