The 31-year-old idol who didn’t enlist in the army


He still makes money, sings songs and participates in variety shows

Probably next year or so;;

[+89, -263]

1. [+105, -20] It’s because he received the cultural medal

2. [+84, -11] Seokjin received the cultural medal and he was postponed to enlist until the end of the year, there was even an official announcement that he will be enlisting this winter. I know what you want to do, but if you do, you should check it out first

3. [+76, -11] There are idols who didn’t receive any cultural medals and were born in 1992, so there are people whose birthdays are earlier than Seokjin’s, but haven’t enlisted yetㅋㅋ

4. [+71, -12] He’s enlisting this year, you’re crazy

5. [+57, -8] There are many people who enlisted at the age of 31 besides BTSㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

6. [+23, -21] In my opinion, Jimin should go to the army

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he’s literally going this year. what more do u guys want

WhatsThe Point

Y’all don’t do this to other idols, so many idols even chose their other citizenship over korean ones to not serve. Why do this to BTS? Y’all are utterly shameless


Did you know gd postponed as well? Wasnt wven promoted bc of how much he sucked.
But y’all incels eat his shit despite his animal abuse and drug scandals.


Well gd have actual talent, can’t say that much for jin


we all know that’s not true but ok


Gd and talent shouldn’t be in same sentence


Still more talented than flop jin

But I wasn’t done…

Talent for being an incel, yes.


Kriminil gd


why jimin specifically? 🤨


The akgaes probably , bts’ akgaes esp maknae line akgaes ( in Korea btw ) like to do these hate posts about other members on Pann , the op who made the comment probably knew the author of that post .


Just like Jia said, I think they can check OP’s previous post/comments and found out that OP is jimin’s stan


Who is doing this kind of post? Is not even funny atp

Bring back discuss

I actually want to know why people are so obsessed with this man’s enlistment.

Plenty of idols delay way past their 28th birthday, but Jin has been dragged non-stop for the past 5+ years.


Pls, SK elected a president that’s never served at all and successfully ran on an incel platform. Worry abt that rather than a citizen who’s already been a better service to his country and going before he even legally has to bc of said service.


i want to see the same energy getting that skz leader dragged just bcs he chose to be an australian to avoid enlistment



But I wasn’t done…

They won’t because he is not a threat to the rest of kflop so there is no need to drag him down.


Kenapa jadi ngomongin JM…

Bts paved the way

I know kakao behind this again


was wondering..are they involved in the hate train against BTS/taehyung?like ive is unrelatable to BTS but i’m seeing some comments lately from “knetz” saying they gonna surpass BTS blah it just stupidity or some mediaplay…?


You got a point there. They could’ve been behind all the BTS hate.


The lack of reading.. the news is everywhere you should check it out before write this post babe


After he actually did enlistment people will started to says that it’s a waste superstar to do enlistment and saying bts career will be over 🙄


And when he finally enlist, what will you gain except that your nugu fave still….a nugu? Will his enlistment bring fortune to your financial? Give it up haters, he will enlist & you all 5 years of wish finally happened. Not that it change anything


“he is 31” and yall were up his ass since he was 26.atp anyone who buys your takes is a clown like you.


Jin is enlisting this year, since they are so concerned about idols doing their duty, let them keep an eye on several idols who are already due and still not doing their duty. 


2. [+84, -11] Seokjin received the cultural medal and he was postponed to enlist until the end of the year, there was even an official announcement that he will be enlisting this winter. I know what you want to do, but if you do, you should check it out first

But I wasn’t done…

Anyways Jin and his members deserved to be exempted more than almost anyone else. A rare truly deserved exemption for once. Armys should have been backing this narrative from the beginning especially since Korea was weighing their decision on popular opinion. But you know… “we’re not Korean so we have no opinion” as if global opinion has never effected a country’s path. Y’all need to think for yourselves and stop letting big accounts dictate your opinions. The parroting of that phrase at every turn was embarrassing.

Next. The girlies have been barking because they know BTS deserved exemption but since their flops won’t benefit they’ve been making sure BTS cannot benefits from their own achievements as well.

Maple Puddin

I always thought that was a stupid thing to say with the not Korean, no opinion. Army can be sheep sometimes. That last paragraph was a serve


He did not postpone it because he got vultural medal tho?? Thats not invluded in his official statement lol. He said very clearly that he postponed it because of the circumstances surrounding him every single time he claimed he tried to enlist lmfao. He clearly chose money and fame, a greedy ass, but when people call him out, suddenly the plot twisted that he postponed bcs he got cultural merit~

others had postponed bcs of the difficulties to legit reason where enlisting might affect other people, while some decided to enlist when they are at the top fame like the actor from woo young woo bcs he would be the only one affected.

But a bts member? Who claim being so patriotic, still requested to postpone despite being the one who sing the least? Even without his presence nothing will be affected. Stop sugarcoating your oppar words lol

But I wasn’t done…

Tell Midpink to sign up and serve Korea well and stop hiding behind feminism and men for once.

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