The 3rd generation idols that netizens are looking forward to their solos

Honestly, these are the 3rd generation idol solos that everyone is looking forward to

Baekhyun will make a comeback after being discharged from the army

BLACKPINK’s solo order starts again with Jennie

What’s surprising is that Jungkook hasn’t made his solo debut yet

1. For me it’s Irene

2. When will Jungkook make his solo debut? I’m looking forward to it

3. Kim Jennie, please release ‘You And Me’

4. Jennie ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

5. Ah Baekhyun has been discharged from the army???? I didn’t know ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

6. Jennie, please

7. I agree, I’m looking forward to the solos of the three of them

8.And Lee Jun Ho, every woman’s idol

9. I’m really looking forward to Jungkook’s solo… What did he do when he went to the US?

10. Jungkook please

11. Kim Jennie, give me a full album

12. Wow, I like the three of them too… Can’t wait

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We need JIHYO full album and Nightmare on it

It's whatever

Honestly, Jungkook’s debut is long overdue 😭 it’s been 10 yrs 😭😭😭
But i get it, the best comes for those who wait 😌 ✨
I already know jjk1 is gonna be a masterpiece, no exaggerations

That said, I’m also excited about Baekhyun and kyungsoo comeback as soloist 😍


Jungkook, Taehyung, and Jin. For a full album, I mean (not just a single, cover, or OST). Jin’s is probably going take awhile, but big hopes that we get to see the grp’s youngest duo release theirs by this year or next.

WhatsThe Point

Looking forward to tae’s album. His music style is similar to my tastes


Jung look is the only one in bts can sing. Other members were all not that good in going solo. I mean except for their fans who listen to their solos?? Never heard of their solo songs that go viral. Bp members are doing well in solos though gp listen to them. Baekhyun is one of the best vocalists in 3rd generation his songs are good.


“I mean except for their fans who listen to their solos??”


Hi, I'm Guest

“I mean except for their fans who listen to their solos??”

The locals that turned into ARMY & the haters like you

Blackpink the youtube slaves

Jennie sneak


Been waiting for Jungkook’s album since 2018 😭 hope he releases one before enlistment


Sm can buy Baekhyun a nice song other than that mid pop songs


for me it’s kang seungyoon 2nd solo album

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