The area where BTS Jungkook smokes

This is an area where smoking is allowed

1. Looks like he didn’t throw away his cigarette butts

2. He didn’t throw away the cigarette butts, the embers were flying and there was nothing on the floor. He has a cigarette in his hand

3. Smoking in the smoking area => Legal.. Ignoring the trash can and throwing cigarette butts on the street => Huh?

4. I’m so fed up with this fandom, throwing cigarette butts on the floor is the problem. What are you looking for in that smoking area?

5. Smoking itself ruined his image

6. He was criticized for throwing cigarette butts on the street, but what kind of shield is this?

7. Throwing away cigarette butts is the problem. Please be quiet if you are a fan

8. It was a smoking area, and he threw his cigarette butts on the street?

9. Well… If it’s a smoking area, you can throw cigarette butts on the floor, right?

10. Does that mean you can throw cigarette butts on the floor just because it’s a smoking area?

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lol those comments are wild. They need twatch the vid and see he didn’t even throw the cigarette butt. he just flicked the ash off.

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