The best dance members of the 4th generation according to netizens

Who are the best dance members of the 4th generation?

Female Idol – Winter, Haerin

Male Idol – Yeonjun, Hyunjin..?

[+28, -86]

1. [+88, -21] Male Idols: Hyunjin, Niki, Yeonjun; Female Idols: Kyujin, Haerin Winter

2. [+63, -13] Seeing Hyunjin and Yeonjun dance, I know why the two of them are the best dance members of the 4th generation

3. [+56, -29] The female idols are Ryujin and Winter. The male idol is Hyunjin

4. [+52, -20] I think Yeonjun and Hyunjin are the best in terms of choreography and stage control

5. [+46, -26] Looking at NewJeans’ stage, I only see Haerin

6. [+35, -3] I don’t know about male idols, but I think Kyujin and Kim Dayeon are good at dancing, and Winter and Haerin are pretty while dancing

7. [+33, -21] Winter, what?ㅋㅋ

8. [+31, -4] Personally, I think the female idols are Karina, Haerin, and Yeji, and the male idols are Hyunjin, Niki, and Jisung

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i really confused why they are saying winter when she is not even 2nd best dancer in her group


Winter doesn’t have the best stage presence but she is definitley better than ningning like come on nie stop be biased. In terms of body Control she is even better than Karina


7. [+33, -21] Winter, what?ㅋㅋ

No, because same. Nothing against Aespa, but I can’t believe there’s even a single member being named. My first thought seeing this post was “why is Winter’s picture here?” then I thought, “Oh, maybe they mean the best dancer member of each 4th gen group?” But then I click to enter the post and there are actually comments listing Winter as one of the best 4th gen dancers lol. Are these SM stans? Cause no way can they be serious when Lesserafim and Nmixx exist.


I’d give it to Chae Ryeong for female idols. Dunno and don’t care for male idols. I feel like the netizens are confusing the visuals for the talent. Itzy is a major dance group. Literally at the top. And Aespa, I hate to say, has one of the weakest main dancers not only for SME, but maybe for the fourth gen.


lol aespa is not even on par with stayc




Obsessed. Put that energy into your girlies and maybe they can get beyond bubbling under for once


Reading comprehension, I beg. He’s not a 4th gen dancer.


Lmao, this is why I hate delulu fans. How come Winter is considered the best dancer, when the whole group is known for their poor dancing skills?? Like even Lia from Itzy would be better than any of them


For me itzy and lsf are the best performers but in terms of better dancing skills, itzy takes the cake.Literally ryujin, yeji and chaeryon could be main dancer anywhere


Kyujin is amazing. Itzy are beyond reach. Why Winter is there? Karina I get it but even shes not amazing


Will not stand for Ni-ki erasure. He IS the best 4th gen dancer, period


Winter stans are so damn delusional she is not even the second best in her group. She is the most overrated idol ive seen

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