The biggest music market is the US, so where is the second music market?

Europe…?? Or China because of the population… ?? Or Southeast Asia..??

1. It’s Japan, right?

2. I know the US is the biggest music market, followed by Japan

3. Maybe it’s Japan?

4. Japan… There’s a reason why singers aim for the Japanese music market ㅜ

5. Korea??? Or Korea is the third music market???

6. UK music market?

7. Japan is the second music market in the world

8. In terms of size, the US is about 4 times larger than Japan

9. United States > Japan > United Kingdom = Germany > France > Korea

10. The Japanese music market is huge, so there were many famous singers who performed in Japan

11. Japan, Japanese singers don’t target foreign market because they make enough money even if they only promote domestically

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Its Japan no? They have a large diverse market, fans that are willing to continually spend and most of all Japanese fans tend to be loyal and stay longer with an artist. There is a reason so many Kpop group try to enter the Japanese market.


It’s Japan. They are also the world’s largest market for music on physical media (CDs, DVDs, etc.).


Comment 9 is correct. UK/Germany/France gets lumped together as just western Europe market. But US and Japan are the clear 1 and 2 respectively


Japan, obviously. That’s why kpop singers even nowadays are still releasing JP language albums/singles and going there to promote and also western artists were used to releasing the JP version of they albums too with some bonus tracks or smth (but idk if that’s still a thing today)


Top 10 music markets in 2021 (based on IFPI):
1.US, 2.Japan, 3.UK, 4.Germany, 5.France, 6.China, 7.SK, 8.Canada, 9.Australia, 10.Italy.


Obviously Japan , why they think kpop idols always go there 🤦🏻‍♀️


they don’t know it’s japan???

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