The case of a certain fandom accusing BLACKPINK Rosé of using drugs, the truth about this drug has been revealed

The designer posted it on Instagram Story

It’s identity is the ashtray ‘KATERINA JEBB BALTHUS’S ASHTRAY’ made in 2018

Product information:

1. Drug rumors and dating rumors… I don’t understand why they create and spread rumors about Rosé like that, I feel sorry for Rosé..

2. She should sue those who spread rumors

3. Not just once or twice overseas BTS fans spread rumors about BLACKPINK and cursed at them

4. That fandom, I’m not surprisedㅋㅋ

5. Everyone knows they’re BTS fans

6. Why are BTS fans like that? Rosé isn’t even dating a BTS member

7. Please don’t blame Lisa’s fans for those rumors

8. I just feel sorry for Rosé and her fans

9. Why are BTS fans and BLACKPINK fans fighting?

10. They’re Jimin’s fans, not BTS’ fans

11. Why are BTS fans like that? Is it because BTS and BLACKPINK are rivals?

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