The case of a certain fandom accusing BLACKPINK Rosé of using drugs, the truth about this drug has been revealed

The designer posted it on Instagram Story

It’s identity is the ashtray ‘KATERINA JEBB BALTHUS’S ASHTRAY’ made in 2018

Product information:

1. Drug rumors and dating rumors… I don’t understand why they create and spread rumors about Rosé like that, I feel sorry for Rosé..

2. She should sue those who spread rumors

3. Not just once or twice overseas BTS fans spread rumors about BLACKPINK and cursed at them

4. That fandom, I’m not surprisedㅋㅋ

5. Everyone knows they’re BTS fans

6. Why are BTS fans like that? Rosé isn’t even dating a BTS member

7. Please don’t blame Lisa’s fans for those rumors

8. I just feel sorry for Rosé and her fans

9. Why are BTS fans and BLACKPINK fans fighting?

10. They’re Jimin’s fans, not BTS’ fans

11. Why are BTS fans like that? Is it because BTS and BLACKPINK are rivals?

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Color color stan

The one who spread the rumor is literally a blonk with 90k followers who deactivated after his own fandom came after him lol. now blinks are all blaming armys? amazing 😆 the self-victimization never ends but when they call bts homophobic slurs and use their family against them, no one bats an eye. anyways even with the hate comments, bts still remains the undisputable no. 1 group in the world.


Fyi op is an akgae plus she already deleted the post right after. It was armshit spreading around and called her with names like crackse. Fking loser

Last edited 7 months ago by Guest

we not gonna stop calling her crackse if it wasnt true it was to the very least funny, deal with it


Exactly. This person is Lisa biased and he loves also Jisoo. But he doesn’t like Jennie and Rosé

Nini bear

Nah dude was joking but y’all were the ones spreading the rumours, y’all are master class gaslighters, hope you never see a good day in ur lives, hope you go to hell and a truck runs y’all over


While you saying all that… slutnnie still getting throated every night by crackśe’s long chin.


Stop trying to alter reality, army are like sect, they are really disgusting seriously, they are dellusional and think the truth is what they want, you should go out, touch some green and stop being crazy, insulting harassing women and being mad jealous …


That one blink just posted a photo with a caption “why they all like high” it was an inside joke like Blinks did during their 2019 Coachella group photo but Armys are stalking blinks twt and they are the ones started the drug rumors. They even pretended as “knetz” on twitter.


Blinks are truly masters of playing victims but they’re making death threats about bts everyday on twt.


Army thinking they are saints LMFAO. Blinks arent the one making death threats to james corden to the point where he need to apologize to yall. Sick behaviour


Why suddenly you care abt that racist guy lol. Blonk calling other for having sick behavior when they are sending death threat to dahyun (for skipping an ad), chaeyoung (for having orange hair), kang dongwon (dating rumor and for them hes ugly lol), jimin (for being no1 on hot100), etc. You can search by yourself bcuz the list is too long lol


armys aren’t the ones making these user posts acting like saints you dumb blonks. james corden is a racist, good job for supporting him when he’s probably racist to your girlies too.

Last edited 7 months ago by Colin

When are yall gonna give the same treatment to supremeboi too. Hypocrites asf


They’re the masters at manipulating the public by constantly writing articles playing victims and blaming armys for shit their own fandoms started.

Just like this rumor & how recently they bragged about Lisa’s mom liking homophobic comments about v all bc they needed a clapback to some armys qrting a pannkpop ucc article saying her mom was spotted liking a taelisa shipper photo was kind of weird.


True. They can’t even respect their fave’s own mother.

Nini bear

Y’all dragged her to hell, mentally ill twink dik obsessed smelly white cows

Nini bear

Y’all know that blonk was lying right and lisa’s mom likes everything, y’all are sik and all of these things are gonna comeback to y’all, most of you are from India, now i understand why your men threat you worse than cows , you deserve it


So you agree? Slutpink should be treated worse than cows because Lisa mom is a clout chasing tranny like her daughter?


It’s the other way around. Stop acting like y’all aren’t the most toxic fandom. From slutshaming bp, spreading drug rumors, bodyshaming, death threats too and involving their family like Armys are attacking Lisa’s mom since the other day.


the one who started is a blink… people just jumped on


* lisa akgae


yet yall had no problem with making him the blink president up until he fucked up with the Rosé thing. also yall had no problem with hiding behind him and laughing with him when he was ridiculating and making disrespectful “jokes” about BTS. the hypocrisy is truly jumping out.


Pretty sure blonk are the one who start the rumor first lol


Blonk cant even beat other bg album sales and even got beaten by rookies in everything lol. Worry abt your dozen and flop grp first


Talking as if yall oppa arent struggling in kchart and beaten by rookies. Suga is out of chart in few hours lmfaoooo


Suga is still charting wym? n BP hasn’t reached a number 1 bc of the same rookies lol


Suga doesn’t need to lie like those fake girls who admit they are the 1st group to top US chart😂😂😂 Not even have a nerve to correct the host. L in bLackpink and bLink stands for LIAR😂😂


Anyone with eyes can clearly see those are not drugs but them pretending like it wasn’t their own fandom who once again started a stupid rumor is top notch blink behavior

Ladyboy lisa

He’s smart, clear the evidence right away 🤣 let’s just hope rose having proper treatment


Lol yall should know pannkpop articles can be written by anyone. That’s why blinks are always writing articles here to defend themselves from shit that their own fandom started so they can manipulate the public by blaming it on others.

WhatsThe Point

Blaming armys for ur own fandom’s fault? Bffr


This rumors was started thanks to Lisa fan, who is pretend to be a OT4, but he loves only Lisa and Jisoo.


I dunno if they posted a different message other than ‘ they look high’ (this is quite simple like she looks high because she’s so energetic.. She drinks a lot bla bla bla)…

saying that is different with all the other hate and accusation of drugs and supposedly cocaine word that is mentioned by other fandom.

Nini bear

It was clearly a joke lol, y’all belong in a mental ward, armies are bunch offemcel hores


Delusional if you thing Midpink are BTS’ rivals. Koreans and twink blinks are crackheads if they think that… just like Rose


It’s not a secret the unreasonable weird hate armys have towards bp and now people are catching on it lol


That one blink just posted a photo with a caption “why they all like high” it was an inside joke like Blinks did during their 2019 Coachella group photo but Armys are stalking blinks twt and they are the ones started the drug rumors. They even pretended as “knetz” on twitter.


I think knetz are always a bit smart, but no, they’re as stupid as blonks, blaming other fandom for their stupid own doings. The first one who talked about drugs is blonks with 90k followers on twitter, not army. And if you accoused army as the one who spreading about it, you’re wrong. Blonks unintentionally spreading it to bury the picture. All fandoms who saw the tweets were talking about it, it’s just army is a bigger fandom so that seems like army who are spreading it, but NO. All fandoms are talking about it bcs it’s a shocking news. Don’t play victim, stupid blonks.

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