The chart for the best-selling albums in the US looks like a K-pop music chart

The chart for the best-selling albums in the US looks like a K-pop music chart (TXT, TWICE, Stray Kids, Seventeen, BTS)

2 TXT – The Name Chapter: Temptation
3 TWICE – Ready To Be
4 Stray Kids – 5-Star
7 Seventeen – FML
8 Agust D (BTS Suga) – D-DAY
9 BTS Jimin – FACE

Are we looking at the K-pop chart?

This can be taken as a sign that the number of K-pop fans in the US has increased!

1. TXT is amazing

2. It’s surprising that the 7 singers that entered the US music chart are all albums of Korean singers

3. TWICE was in the top 3 in the US and they sold out at the SoFi Stadium, you can see that they have a lot of core fans in the US

4. This proves that these K-pop artists have a strong core fandom there

5. It’s mostly K-pop fans buying the physical albums

6. Jimin and Suga have been on the chart for a long time

7. Koreans’ enemies are Koreans

8. K-pop’s influence is really amazing

9. Seeing kids get mad because their idols aren’t on the chart, they’re pathetic

10. It looks like a K-pop chart

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Some other group is going to be angry

Teenaged puppy

Twice album sold at 5 dollar thats why




Teenaged Puppy acting like a Bitch


please seek help. you’re camping under every twice post spreading nothing but hate and bullshit.


Its not getting more popular its bc said fans are mass buying 20 version albums and at pretty low prices. Why do they think all these kpop groups on the list cant get on hot100? No one is streaming their songs in the u.s. they oush shady tactics to chart on the 200 chart bc its way easier to manipulate.

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