The China Fan Association released a statement to the company, asking for support for BTS Jungkook’s personal activities

Since the World Cup opening ceremony in Qatar, the agency has not revealed any of his personal activities so far

Some Korean fans also joined

1. HYBE is only serious about games

2. Big Hit, if you’re not working, close the door

3. I think he has plans for his solo activities. It’s because we don’t know

4. HYBE is weird, they have to make money off of BTS, but they’re busy reducing their dependence on BTS

5. In an interview, Charlie Puth sent a song to HYBE and said he wanted to collaborate with Jungkook, but HYBE refused

6. I heard that Jungkook is being pushed, but I’m really curious as to what he’s actually being pushed. What is that?

7. It’s all HYBE’s fault

8. HYBE hasn’t properly supported BTS for the past 2 years and even after starting their solo activities, they didn’t support individual activities properly, so there were a lot of complaints

9. Honestly, not only Jungkook’s fans, even the other members’ fans know that the group is being abandoned by Big Hit

10. I thought Jungkook had the most epic solo activities among the BTS members

11. It’s not just the member’s problem, it’s the fact that the agency is really bad

12. Only Jungkook has no individual MV, he only sings solo in the group MV, the rest of the members have solo MVs

13. Wow, but Jungkook’s performance at the World Cup Opening Ceremony must have been a huge blow to the other members’ fans?

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