The Christmas gift that BLACKPINK Jisoo gave to Western bodyguards

She gave the bodyguards cute bunny dolls as gifts


Lisa also received it

1. The first picture is so cute

2. If you arrive at the airport in the Netherlands, there is a Miffy Store

3. Nowadays, kids don’t know Miffy well..?

4. I know Miffy, but I thought it was Japanese

5. I think a lot of people think it’s a Japanese character

6. That doll is so cute, I want to buy it

7. Kids these days don’t know Miffy……

8. I never thought there would come a day when I would have to explain about Miffy

9. You don’t know Miffy.. I’m 2 years younger than Jisoo but I used Miffy’s school supplies

10. By the way, I usually carry Miffy ballpoint pens

11. It’s so cute, I want to buy it too

12. Didn’t the cartoon Miffy appear on TV?

13. This is my first time seeing Miffy. It’s cute

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