The company with the biggest core fandom among BIG4 entertainment companies in Korea

IBK has estimated the core fandoms of domestic entertainment companies BIG4, SM, YG, JYP, and HYBE

HYBE dominated at No. 1 with 1.6 million, followed by SM (760,000), JYP (640,000) and YG (420,000)

1. I’m curious how they estimate it

-> Core fandom is a term that refers to a group of loyal fans, such as constantly buying albums or going to concerts, and it can serve as a platform for the development of the industry by ensuring a steady source of revenue for the company

2. On what basis did they investigate?

3. I’m really curious.. What criteria did they use to research it?

4. BLACKPINK is amazing, they saved YG

5. YG is too dependent on BLACKPINK

6. The results are very predictableㅋㅋㅋㅋ Just look at BTS and Seventeen’s ticket sales and album sales powerㅋㅋㅋㅋ

7. Wow Red Velvet ranked 3rd in SM

8. NCT has many core fans…???

9. In HYBE, the male idols are selling well and the female idols seem to be doing well these days

10. Stray Kids has more core fans than TXT…? I was surprised

11. Red Velvet is amazing

12. What will happen to YG if BLACKPINK disbands?

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well at the end of the day , all you got is your fandom like yeah nice to see how the general public loving your songs but not all of them will be interested to go to your concerts , streaming on Youtube for you , voting for you to get you awards, buying your albums etc and it’s not like you get tons of money from streaming platforms and plus you have to divide the money with other members

Lazy Banana

Wow people keep saying HYBE only has BTS but it seems YG may be more reliant on Blackpink. That’s probably why YG scrambled to deny Blackpink is moving to TBL and immediately released a teaser poster for their new gg. Literally almost an empty house rn.


Right and even if hybe only has bts it doesnt matter lol bts paved the way

Last edited 18 days ago by Suyin__168

Yeah, red velvet is definitely awesome..the most underrated and most mistreated but still has more loyal fans among others..

Shu Yan

Very true


Decided to read this whole thing from original source before commenting here and found many flaws.
Cause if we go true by the bank stats then twice should be taking the second place and not Itzy. Cause according to them they are seeing album numbers, versions, international demands etc. Twice calculation was done with oy one album whereas Itzy was done by two. And both of them had similar stat so if we go accordingly twice in rankings should be taking second position.
In case of SM aespa were leading in second position and it’s surprising to see them categorised as others when clearly they were second strongest in core fandom thing.
Well the last point to be noted is that this whole ranking is arranged by the media who published it. So it’s a humble request that before believing anything just go to the orginal source where the data for this ranking was taken from then make any conclusion.
Cause in my conclusion twice and aespa both were robbed from their right position when media categorised them as others.

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