The conflict of worldview between BTS and Seohyun

BTS & Seohyun (Seohyun Instagram)

1. Seohyun looks like a princess

2. It’s like the conflict of different worldviews

3. Wow V is so f*cking handsome

4. Well, is V crazy? Princess Seohyun, Prince V

5. Where did Namjoonie go????

6. It’s because she’s standing next to Jungkook, why do they look like siblings?

7. Is Seohyun’s face size real??? Meanwhile, Jungkook is so pretty

8. Seohyun looks like a goddess

9. J-Hope looks good with long hair

10. J-Hope and Suga look better with long hair

11. Seohyun, Jungkook, Jin, they have something that looks alike

12. Wow, they’re so pretty and cute… J-Hope and Suga’s beauty has changed, and they look good with long hair

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