The conversation between Min Heejin and Vice President of ADOR was revealed

The conversation between Min Heejin and Vice President of ADOR was revealed

March 14, 2024

VP: The termination fee per person is estimated at 12.45 billion KRW. With five members, this totals around 62 billion KRW. However, the current shareholder agreement states that any major contract changes, terminations, or renewals must be approved by the ADOR board.

Min Heejin: Huh? For NewJeans? That’s not a lot.

VP: Oh, I apologize. It’s actually between 450 to 620 billion KRW.

March 15, 2024

VP: No matter how I look at it, the damage we would incur if the members leave is too significant. We would have to leave behind all past albums, and all contracts with brands are tied to ADOR.

1. But why did the vice president make the proposal and Min Heejin replied?

2. Let the court decide

3. It is difficult to say this is evidence of a breach of trust. Why not take it to court but leak it to the media?

4. Why aren’t they suing the vice president?

5. I hate both HYBE and Min Heejin

6. It was true that she had a plan

7. Min Heejin’s shield is scary. How much time will it take for public opinion to be properly established?

8. Min Heejin only said ‘Huh?’ and nothing else. It’s the VP who seems strange, like they don’t know how to read the room at all or they’re spying for HYBE

9. Are they trying to change public opinion using KakaoTalk?

10. Anyone can see that the vice president reports to Min Heejin..

11. HYBE should either confront her directly or release the screenshots as full versions. Hiding behind YouTubers and journalists is pointless

12. HYBE and Min Heejin compete every day to see who is worse

13. If it was actually a serious discussion, the conversation wouldn’t have spanned over two days. TBH, this might not even be seen as a breach of duty

14. Is the VP a puppet for HYBE? Why does it feel like he’s leading the conversation a certain direction?

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