The criticism aimed at LE SSERAFIM seems to have crossed the line

The criticism aimed at LE SSERAFIM seems to have crossed the line

“Honestly, the entire online community and media are trying so hard to criticize LE SSERAFIM that I’m worried that the members will think of making ‘extreme choices’. People keep mentioning the former member who was caught up in a bullying controversy at school, saying that she should have disciplined Hong Eunchae. Some people even suggested banning LE SSERAFIM from entering the country as if they were criminals”

Is this really acceptable when justifying that “If you can’t sing, you deserve to be criticized”?

Even international fans agree that the comments LE SSERAFIM is receiving are crossing the line. Some of them even started to stop their fandom from bullying LE SSERAFIM too much

1. I don’t know anything else but I hope they sue the people who write malicious comments about Eunchae

2. Even criminals are not criticized like that

3. Seriously, even though I agree that they can’t sing, the criticism and ridicule go too far. It makes me want to support them…

4. I’m worried about the kids, I hope they don’t use the internet…

5. Malicious commenters will probably be sued soon. They are so stupid

6. If you really want to criticize their skills, I think it’s better to support other groups with good skills instead of criticizing LE SSERAFIM

7. It seems they are hated more than criminals

8. I just hope the agency takes good care of the members’ mental health… especially the maknae…

9. There are many people who are obsessed with LE SSERAFIM

10. I’ve seen a lot of malicious comments so from now on I will support them without saying anything

11. The haters are disgusting

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