The current ranking shows the unpopularity of the 4th generation male idols

No 4th generation boy group made the top 10 most streamed boy groups on Melon this year

For your reference, 4th generation female idols like IVE and NewJeans are dominating the music charts, but 4th generation male idols are having a hard time

Top 10 most streamed girl groups on Melon in 2022

1. They complained that 3rd generation male idols are dominating the charts, and now they say that 4th generation male idols are not popular.. I don’t get it

2. I don’t listen to male idols’ songs unless they’re really popularㅋㅋㅋㅋ All female idols these days are good

3. Even if they are not popular, they will still make a lot of money with overseas tours, so what are you worried about…

4. What is the reason for this?

5. Why are people not interested in 4th generation male idols?

6. Is NCT the 3rd generation?

7. I rarely listen to male idol songs, but I listen to TXT songs

8. Anyway, male idols make better money

9. Why are there so many negative comments about 4th generation male idols these days?

10. I personally don’t know who they are other than BTS and Big Bang

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