The current state of (G)I-DLE Soyeon’s plagiarism controversy

The current state of Soyeon’s plagiarism controversy

Now you can sing it in karaoke ^^

She released a karaoke version of a song that was previously accused of plagiarism ‘SUN’

1. She’s a genius at plagiarism

2. Using illegal programs, plagiarizing ATEEZ songs.. She’s not a genius

3. What is this? The plagiarism controversy has not been satisfactorily resolved??

4. I’m really disappointed with her

5. That’s why I don’t like to listen to (G)I-DLE’s songs, so I don’t listen to them

6. It’s funny that you guys call this girl a genius…

7. Shameless

8. I never listen to (G)I-DLE’s songs

9. Are there any geniuses plagiarizing?

10. You can see that she’s really arrogant just by watching MAMA

11. Where has her conscience gone?

12. I think it’s weird that she portrays herself as a genius composer

13. Singer and fans are shameless

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Kakao at it again!! They saw G-IDLE insults IVE at Mama and public Started to support them. nd they took this chance to destroy them as they are opponent to IVE. Fuck kakao. Fuck startship. Fuck IVE. Fuck all the girls in that group


Aren’t they being investigated rn ? I think it’s a reach to say Kakao is still doing these stuffs since they’re still investigated by Fair Trade Commission there. And I’m not an IVE stan before you start saying I’m a fan and trying to defend Kakao 👤


I don’t know if you all are aware that kakao issue is about taking the articles and repost it on their facebook page “exactly like pannocha in twitter and this account” thats why they are investigated right now not about writing or spreading miss information about other idols

spicy spice

funny that every scandals are blew up by kakao rn. ur fav did plagiarism and it was kakao’s fault lol


Your girl has been problematic away before Ive debut so shut up


Yes because IVE themselves personally with their busy ass schedules saw this and went up to the Kakao President, busy as that person would be, slapped this article down and said, “Go sh*t on G-IDLE since they’re not satisfied we won a daesang and rookie of the year.” Yeah, that makes total sense Kakao would waste time and resources like that.


you guys are really pathetic, this was already a controversy even before this Kakao sh*t lmfaoo now everything bad that happens with your faves are kakao’s fault? the only one to blame is Soyeon’s lack character and talent!!


Get help lol


kakao on fire 🤢 ateez song also plagiarize spanish song, the melody is so familiar. so shut up kakao


Receipts please🤲oh but you don’t have any so🤷🏼‍♀️

nono nonono

you know, kakao is not the cause of everything bad. This is just that girl’s fault and her karma.


Karma! This girl needs to get humbled.


Huh? I’m confused, is there a new plagiarism case or was it just the resurfacing of plagiarism of ATEEZ?


Resurfacing of that plagiarism. That same song has a new karaoke ver


It’s so funny that people always support her no matter how much she steals. She’s not genius she is just a thief with supporters who will be by her side even if she k*lls someone

spicy spice

after her MAMA stage i think this girl just need to lower herself a bit. she think that she’s beyond everything and anyone, think that everyone stole everything she deserves eventho it wasn’t. ew. disgusting.

and what’s with kakao comments? even comment that downgrading ive lol


The funny thing here that gidle’s main distributer is kakao😭😭😭 her fans are soo dumb


The irony 😂


The fact that there is no legal action on this song proves that she didnt plagiarize shit. You can go with the fake narrative all you want, but a composer that produce hits after hits wont bother listening to ypur oppar’s flop song and plagiarize it. Go push your oppar to take legal action and we’ll see if it fits plagiarism or not. Many had explained why this is not plagiarism instead it can happen and had happened before to many songs that the melody are similar but doesnt fit plagiarism


Didn’t she apologize? I think thats enough proof


6. It’s funny that you guys call this girl a genius…

more like genius of plagiarism! she has always been a mid rapper anyway but in kpop there are so many crap rappers that an idol who minimally do the bare minimum like writes their own lyrics is enough for kpop stans to call them “genius” “the best idol rapper” and etc💀

meow meow

why is she always in plagiarism controversies


She also ripped my bag completely off of saweetie let’s be real


its kinda sad that soyeon did this. i expected more from her. and i’m both a fan of ateez and idle that this situation is just so baffling. the industry has been copying things ateez did years ago like why sksksksk

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