The current state of (G)I-DLE Soyeon’s plagiarism controversy

The current state of Soyeon’s plagiarism controversy

Now you can sing it in karaoke ^^

She released a karaoke version of a song that was previously accused of plagiarism ‘SUN’

1. She’s a genius at plagiarism

2. Using illegal programs, plagiarizing ATEEZ songs.. She’s not a genius

3. What is this? The plagiarism controversy has not been satisfactorily resolved??

4. I’m really disappointed with her

5. That’s why I don’t like to listen to (G)I-DLE’s songs, so I don’t listen to them

6. It’s funny that you guys call this girl a genius…

7. Shameless

8. I never listen to (G)I-DLE’s songs

9. Are there any geniuses plagiarizing?

10. You can see that she’s really arrogant just by watching MAMA

11. Where has her conscience gone?

12. I think it’s weird that she portrays herself as a genius composer

13. Singer and fans are shameless

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