The current state of K-Pop is all about the ‘New-I-Le’ generation, NewJeans – IVE – LE SSERAFIM syndrome

The current state of K-Pop is all about the ‘New-I-Le’ generation… NewJeans-IVE-LE SSERAFIM syndrome

‘NewJeans’, ‘IVE’, ‘LE SSERAFIM’. ‘New-I-Le’, that’s the new word that K-pop fans call ‘the three leaders of the 4th generation K-pop girl groups’

Going beyond a 4th generation K-pop girl group, they are bringing a new shock to the K-pop industry

1. LE SSERAFIM is so popular…ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Except for plagiarism, LE SSERAFIM’s popularity is no joke. I work in a middle school and the kids really like them

2. I agree with NewJeans and IVE, but I’m not sure about LE SSERAFIM…

3. When I think of hot female idols these days, I think of these three groups, everyone likes them

4. They didn’t even mention Aespa anymore

5. LE SSERAFIM is not recognized in Korea as much as NewJeans and IVE

6. The image of LE SSERAFIM has been lost due to the controversy over Rosalia… It feels like the identity of the group has disappeared

7. Aespa hasn’t done well since Next Level..;;

8. I’m not a fan of female idols but if I had to choose 3 girl groups, I’d choose them too

9. When Aespa makes a comeback next week, you’ll know if it’s Ae or Le

10. If I were asked to pick the top 3 popular girl groups these days, I would choose these three groups

11. But Aespa is not like the girl group of 4th generation… They’re 3.5th generation..?

12. These three groups seem to be the most popular these days

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and when that babymonster group debut and these people will change their minds again


babymon 5th gen


idk , I think a new gen is determined when previous gen already cemented their position tho , and they haven’t truly cement that yet , sure the 4th gen ggs are doing so so well rn but they’re still pretty shaky, they also haven’t fully go to world tour, only started out with small fanmeetings because they’re still newly debuted except for idle and itzy cause they debuted way earlier. I think the covid messed up tons of stuff and plan and people’s perception of this current gen tbh.

Tons of these groups debuts were pushed because of the pandemic, and there were groups like aespa that debuted during the pandemic and kinda hindered their first year as a group a bit since they couldn’t do much because of restrictions and what not.


I totally understand what you said and I agree from your point of view. For me though, there’s a gen change when public perception changes.

Groups like Itzy and Idle are being seen as old, outdated or already very experienced. On the other hand, there seems to be a greater public shock motivated by the absurd age difference of the upcoming debut groups. So basically for me we are on 4.5th gen.

Sad to see how things are going insanely faster, but changes happen. And that doesn’t mean that groups aren’t at their peaks or can no longer reach their peaks. Ex.: BLACKPINK for me is in its best phase even with the almost beginning of the 5th gen.

Color color stans

wait until all of 4th gen debuts lol. look at itzy, everyone thought they’re gonna be the top gg but now nobody even cares about them.


Lol true. Its happen during 3rd gen too. People thought exo-winner-ikon-got7 is the one who will lead the 3rd gen but suddenly bts, wanna one and seventeen existed


it’s only bts lol
w1 disbanded years ago & 17 are nugus


4th gen gg competition is crazy

Support trans Lisa

Hybe media play about lsfm is insane. Who would believe this crap? Lsfm is total trash compared to nj and IVE.


ive & nj use media play too but honestly lesserafim are way more talented than them


Ive are not using mediaplay


That’s the funniest shit i ever heard


But lsfm more talented than them. I can feel that lsfm will become global hit in 2-3 years more


Why are they all old men? Ew

Winter bear

lsfm sneak like we wouldn’t notice


But IVE and Newjeans don’t sell albums well. Lesserafim literally took Blackpink’s record. They’re not bad at streams either, they’re at #3 on Melon. But of course Pann and theqoo are infested with SM stans so they’re defending aespa. They always say, oh but Aespa sold out the Tokyo Dome like wait for Lesserafim’s tour lol. These idiots forget Sakura is very very famous in Japan. Let’s see if aespa will regain their fame on their title track.


1) I’m sure IVE had more pre-orders than Lesseraphim but Starship don’t release the numbers. Furthermore, IVE has the second best-selling album by a female group in the generation (with a gap of less than 200k to Aespa on the Circle Chart). Right now, dear fearnot, IVE is what we call an all-rounder group, they exceed in every aspect (digitals to physicals), even if I don’t think it will last long.

2) Aespa will pull a 2-night concert on a Dome you must be invited to perform on. But mind that Aespa never had any promotions other than a few appearances on programs and also didn’t have a single Japanese release. It’s an impressive feat and accomplished only once by EXO.

Last edited 6 months ago by kkapuchin

How is ive are not selling albums well when they are the 4thgen with the most sales ? Almost 5 million with 3 single albums and 1 full album.

After like single album alone is 1.7 m lsf didn’t surpass that yet so yah.

Lsf also released 3 albums but they didn’t sell 3m


Obviously ive will have more advantages since they debut earlier and have extra 1 comeback lol. Lesserafim and ive debut and 1st comeback album sales is similar. Only newjeans did better than those 2 grp. Their debut album is 1m. At the end, newjeans is the winner right now lol


Are u deluded? Ive most recent album for I AM already at 1.5M and will probably hit almost 2 M since their last album sold 1.7. What part of that is bad at selling? A fiest day record really got you fear nots brains messed up. The funnest thing is Aespa is probably gonna smash that record out the window so i guess u should feel good while u can


IVE and New jeans are definitely the top 2 of the generation right now. But with the way both groups are heavily promoted, the chances of the general public becoming saturated and fans losing interest is real and worrying (which was partly what happened to Twice).

Lastly, Lesseraphim would be nothing without male-eye-catcher Chaewon and an ex-izone ex-akb48.

And how is it possible that they are eligible for A-list status without even a #1 on Melon or Daesangs? All they have at the moment is hype and poorly made samples of Rosalía.

Real top 3 right now: IVE, New jeans, Idle (this is stable on top).

++ Lesseraphim might be eligible on future, let’s see.
++ Aespa has strong fandom power but no variety appearances and their cringe concept made they lose their hype with the public (might be elegible again tough, let’s see).

Last edited 6 months ago by kkapuchin

Lesserafim’s concept and performances helped them a lot tbh, sure Sakura and Chaewon got big fanbases especially Sakura but then the other 3 members are gaining lots of fans too especially Kazuha so saying they’re nothing without Sakura and Chaewon is not really true. I don’t think they’ll go this far if Lesserafim doing cute/innocent concept tbh


1) Lesseraphim’s concepts seem to be straight out of perfume commercials honestly, especially photo teasers.

2) Yunjin has relevant engagement only on Twitter, Kazuha’s popularity in Japan doesn’t stand out and only occasionally she gets viral thanks to her looks or triceps and Eunchae… she’s the Yeri of the group, needless to say.

Chaewon and Sakura’s DCs, bars, and Japanese fanbases are responsible for over 70% of the group’s physical sales.

3) Obviously, the group wouldn’t work if they embodied a cute concept, because it’s not the preference of today’s Korean youth and gp. Instead, they chose a bland, non-challenging concept to not annoy non-fans.


The idle sneak lolololol


nobody knows them outside korea & they are carried by payola 😂😂😂
biggest 3 groups? my ass
jimin with a solo album destroyed them lol


hybe needs to stop trying to make that one group happen. they’re not on new jeans and ive’s level. these mediplay posts are getting embarrassing 💀💀


the only things that one group is known for is for letting a bully debut and copying rosalia’s style and sound lol


Damn how many times yall are goings to bring rosalia when isabella lovestory aka the true latina is the one who produce the song. And how is the grp’s fault that garam is a bully..why you make like they bff since they born and know shes a bully lol


3 industry plants


The way many people are pressed with lesserafim is funny af. They said they didnt think them as threat for their fav but they keep commenting and downplaying lesserafim in every article. Ignore them if you didnt care abt them lol. You just look obsessed with them lol


It’s the aespa stans. They’re insecure af because nobody even noticed their fav dropped a pre-release and it’s flopping right now and they kept making excuses that’s it’s just a pre-release when Newjeans and Ive’s pre-releases have PAKs.


BTS and BLACKPINK OUT! Goodbye 3rd gen. They got replaced now.

Lesserafim are yuck

Lesserafim are the faces you see in clinic pamphlets for addictions, aids, stds, and pregnancy. Not a face for Kpop.
They’re so manly or just drab looking. Their music is an ear sore.

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