The current state of K-Pop is all about the ‘New-I-Le’ generation, NewJeans – IVE – LE SSERAFIM syndrome

The current state of K-Pop is all about the ‘New-I-Le’ generation… NewJeans-IVE-LE SSERAFIM syndrome

‘NewJeans’, ‘IVE’, ‘LE SSERAFIM’. ‘New-I-Le’, that’s the new word that K-pop fans call ‘the three leaders of the 4th generation K-pop girl groups’

Going beyond a 4th generation K-pop girl group, they are bringing a new shock to the K-pop industry

1. LE SSERAFIM is so popular…ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Except for plagiarism, LE SSERAFIM’s popularity is no joke. I work in a middle school and the kids really like them

2. I agree with NewJeans and IVE, but I’m not sure about LE SSERAFIM…

3. When I think of hot female idols these days, I think of these three groups, everyone likes them

4. They didn’t even mention Aespa anymore

5. LE SSERAFIM is not recognized in Korea as much as NewJeans and IVE

6. The image of LE SSERAFIM has been lost due to the controversy over Rosalia… It feels like the identity of the group has disappeared

7. Aespa hasn’t done well since Next Level..;;

8. I’m not a fan of female idols but if I had to choose 3 girl groups, I’d choose them too

9. When Aespa makes a comeback next week, you’ll know if it’s Ae or Le

10. If I were asked to pick the top 3 popular girl groups these days, I would choose these three groups

11. But Aespa is not like the girl group of 4th generation… They’re 3.5th generation..?

12. These three groups seem to be the most popular these days

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