The difference between pictures from video, previews of fansite, high definition pictures of fansite that you can recognize from BTS V

The pictures from the video

Preview picture of fansite

High definition picture of fansite

If you’re handsome, there’s no difference

1. You must watch the video, he looks amazing in the video

2. I’m happy just looking at his face

3. It’s just the difference in brightness.. Taehyung is so handsome

4. He looks even more handsome in the video

5. Maybe because I’m not a fan, the preview is the best

6. Wow the preview is awesome

7. All the pictures look good without any difference

8. It’s just the difference between quality and brightness

9. I really think V is the most handsome

10. He’s f*cking handsome

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Japanese media Wow korea has named Kim Taehyung as the❝Beauty of the Olympic Rings❞!


taehyung looks so happy and cheerful can’t wait for more paris tae content again


taehyung is trending all over tiktok for his airport look, the main character as usual him getting praised for his beauty too no one can resist him fr.


Spread about this DON’T BUY ANGEL PT1 ON MAY 18, THATS INCLUDE ITUNES TOO Since it’s released on a Thursday which is the last day of BB tracking, those sales will goes to waste, wait until May 19 and start buying so all sales can count towards BB Charts




How about don’t buy it at all you all are fucking disgusting to even support that song with a rapist on it

Armys have hit a new low they are now going to support songs with convict rapist on it


I don’t support rapist, dv abuser and creeps so now worries. Will never buy!

Teenaged puppy

More relevancy for just walking to his plane than other idols entire comeback


Honestly, this is more which filter you like best rather than which picture is best lol


Prettiest 🥺💜


Why white wash him 🙁


90% of his posts are related to visuals. Does he have any real talent? 🤣🤣


Worry about the 4 dozens who have been influencers all their career and don’t even have an ounce of talent. BP girlies go into a coma whenever they are told to pick up a pen and have been inconsistent lazy performers on top of that. A disgrace to kpop


I wonder which one of his suagr daddies paid for this trip? 🤣 must’ve really liked Slvthyungs flat 🍑

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