“The difference is too big. Why is HYBE like that?” Comparing BTS members’ solo promotions

Comparing BTS members’ solo promotions

From left to right
iTunes pre-order 2 weeks before release
US radio air promotion
UK radio promotion
Spotify add-up (separate code)
Online platforms promotion – SEVEN had YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Spotify and Melon; BTS Proof had Spotify and Melon; all other solos had Melon only
Added to the BTS playlist on Spotify – Indigo was added to the playlist 46 days after release, FACE was added 6 days after release, all other albums were added on the day of release
Poster ads all around the world before release
Comeback promotion on American show
Number of streaming party from official account

1. But Jungkook’s song is an English song, aren’t the other members’ songs Korean songs?

2. It’s obvious that Jungkook debuted with an English single and focused on US promotionsㅋㅋ Why don’t you guys understand this?

3. But isn’t that too much for the leader? 46 days after release? Are you kidding me?

4. Their skills are differentㅋㅋㅋ Before promoting, please practice singing

5. Please let Jungkook promote in Korea like that member

6. I hope Jungkook will also appear on Korean music shows and appear on variety shows. I want to see more stages after watching BBC video

7. I think Jungkook is the member that HYBE pushed

8. BTS members were severely discriminated against by HYBE….

9. I’m not a fan but Jungkook seems to be the member that gets pushed the most

10. But even if I was the CEO of the company, I think I would want to push Jungkook

11. When V makes his solo debut, there will be posts like this again

12. In the eyes of others, Jungkook is so popular and an all-rounder

13. The difference is too big. Why is HYBE like that?

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11. When V makes his solo debut, there will be posts like this again


Taehyung will not choose mediocre pop song like pigmin and payolakook, so hybe will not push him. They know army is pop lover and fake hip hop lover. They only use other bts non pop song in fanwar. The same thing happened when they act like they care abt rapline but only use them for fanwar. So, they will not stream taehyung song like rapline’s. Tae’s song will carry by his fandom just like what happened during Christmas tree release


Ratmy will deny the discrimination lol. This generic song is just a single like set me free, more, ots, people pt2, etc but it get treated like title track. His title track and album will get more push from shithybe and scooter lol. Jin, namjoon, and hobi get cant their album shipped on time. MORE also didnt have any digital store. And comments 11..lol. hybe didnt care abt tae. They only tweet abt his cartier deals after tae fandom ask them. And they even write the wrong headline for him.


Day by day army fandom look funny af. They still deny the favouritism. Let me tell you, every comp (even outside kpop) have their own fav. Oh well, yall will still deny that and said HYbe iS nOT like oTHERS coMP…lol. yes they are. Well this situation is funnier since army always shade other fandom because of the amount of akgae and claim that they are diff and all are ot7..but at the end they are just same lol. The number of streams and album sales speak a lot lol


Imagine Writing songs for your coworkers only to get this kind of treatment from not only the company you made what it is today but also from so called fans. Even his coworkers are trying to take credit for something they never did. Shameless Lol
Only their leader can relate
He will do better if he left this medicore group and joined US based company.

Last edited 4 months ago by Jennchild

Comment 4 is ridiculous af. Did he/she just call others especially rapline talentless?


Well jk is talented af..other member too (especially jhope). But the comment probaly from his k-solo stan or knetz. Well knetz find jennie, wonyoung, etc talented af when they are mediocre lol. For knetz, skill is visual, face expression, visual, can sing some easy line, can follow the choreo and again visual lol. The proof is every post abt multi talented idol, they will name many mediocre idol when those idol is mediocre af lol


How army still think this is okay? Some of these are bare minimum. Its ridiculous for namjoon song to be added after 46 days…hobi also didnt get digital store for more. Is it his decision not to have digital store? Did they also want their album to get delayed? Whats the point of them to be under label? I dont understand whats so hard for hybe to treat them equally? Why is it okay for them to push their other flop act but they cant give bare minimum to their money maker member?


Paying to be ranked on music charts like Billboard or Melon is not only unfair but also unreliable. Let’s rely on the talent and hard work of artists to shine instead of relying on purchasing rankings. I hope not to see this again in the future.


The problem about all of this is that instead of addressing and acknowledging the real issue here (HYBE’s incompetence when it comes to promoting the BTS members equally) people would rather switch the blame to the members themselves, hence why we’re always stuck in unnecessary conversation without any changes coming from the company..

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