The double standard for V (BTS)

Recently JungKook of BTS was caught smoking and the netizens had a, unexpectedly, very positive reaction to this harmful activity. Many fans were even excited, hoping that JungKook blows the smoke in their faces, they found smoking hot, that he should have been left alone and privacy was being invaded, and it is his own choice and business. This reaction is vastly different from the one V received due to the same thing.

In his M/Vs, Suga has also smoked, fake or not, but it is way more official and reaches more people, wrongly influences more people. But this wasn’t even talked about and dismissed. RM too has done this in a BTS M/V.

In the past, V of BTS was also caught smoking, vaping and doing drugs and recently posted on his own Insta Story using JUUL (e-cigarette) but he was hated so much, even by his own fandom. They said that he was promoting and encouraging a very hazardous thing, he is harming his lungs, body and health, and that he should have been careful.

What do you think? Why were the reactions so different for different idols belonging to the same group?

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unfortunately there seem to always be a member who becomes like a punching bag in most of popular groups. whatever they do will be hated but when other members do the same it’d be okay. taehyung and jang wonyoung are ones of many example


wait i didn’t read about the drugs wtf this is such a set up post


when the fvck did he do drugs btch?he’s already a sacrifice & punching bag for others but it’s not enough?who is gonna get caught for drugs that u’re making up stories for him to normalize it for others?


Clearly a blonk wrote this to make solos fight.
When did V ever do drugs ????? I’m sorry but rose is more likely to do so
And what? Too disappointed to see that JK fans are grown ups and we don’t make a big deal out of everything? 🥺 grow tfu btch


What drugs?? Lmao saying anything wont make it real loser, get a fkg job, we know you are cosplayer prob jk akgae just want to drag tae and to compare it to ur fav, keep crying knetz literally find him looking hot smoking and ask why he didnt use all black outfit while smoking lmao

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