The drama about BTS’ worldview ‘YOUTH’ will be released on April 30 amid the HYYH controversy

Melting through the drama about BTS’s worldview… ‘YOUTH’ will be released after 4 years

A drama depicting the worldview of ‘BTS HYYH’ will be released for the first time in 4 years

‘YOUTH’ is a drama based on the fictional story HYYH shown by BTS through albums and MVs since 2015

It is scheduled to release via OTT on April 30, 2024

The production cost is 40 billion won

1. Looking at the production cost, I guess it had to be aired somehow… 40 billion won

2. All fans hate it and oppose it…

3. 40 billion won?? Is this a blockbuster movie?

4. BTS’s image is at its worst right now, but somehow it appears at this time

5. They want to make money using the name BTS without BTS

6. Is April 30 not shareholder meeting day? But will they release this that day?

7. Isn’t this the HYYH I know..??

8. HYBE is burning through 1.2 trillion won in market capitalization and 40 billion won in drama

9. Why, right now, HYYH?

10. OTT?? Even if it is released on Netflix or TV, I’m not sure if I should watch it or not, but are you asking me to pay to watch it?

11. Fans say they don’t like it and object but they still keep doing this. They don’t listen to the fans at all

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