The drama ‘The Idol’ was judged by the person who watched it at Cannes

1. The Weeknd is a psychopath

2. Isn’t it just p*rn??

3. I’m glad Jennie was just a cameo, is The Weeknd crazy?

4. The fans will watch this drama because of Jennie’s influence, but why did she film something like that? It’s a bad influence

5. Why did Jennie appear in such a drama?

6. Why did Jennie decide to appear in such a drama? I’m really disappointed with her

7. Is The Weeknd the singer I know?

8. BLACKPINK Jennie??? Why?

9. It’s just p*rn

10. I feel bad for the kids who say that they’re proud of Jennie without even knowing the plot

11. The content is more shocking than I thought

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