The drama ‘The Idol’ was judged by the person who watched it at Cannes

1. The Weeknd is a psychopath

2. Isn’t it just p*rn??

3. I’m glad Jennie was just a cameo, is The Weeknd crazy?

4. The fans will watch this drama because of Jennie’s influence, but why did she film something like that? It’s a bad influence

5. Why did Jennie appear in such a drama?

6. Why did Jennie decide to appear in such a drama? I’m really disappointed with her

7. Is The Weeknd the singer I know?

8. BLACKPINK Jennie??? Why?

9. It’s just p*rn

10. I feel bad for the kids who say that they’re proud of Jennie without even knowing the plot

11. The content is more shocking than I thought

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btch doesnt have enough brain to think she just agree with anything bcs she needs that hollywood clout

Fvck 'em

I’m glad knetizens are opening their eyes to how jennie really is, cant bekieve that girl tries to portray a feminism image when she likes so much these misogynistic people that just use woman as sexual objects.
Even if she onky appears for 3 mins innthe whole series, she’s a raper enabler and for what, just to have western validation and they dont gaf whho she is 😭


Jennie has been a western clout chaser for as long as I can remember. Those girls look so desperate for western validation and fame. Not that those airhead girls ever had enough brain capacity to think for themselves. They just ride on their superficial influencer lifestyle, wearing expensive luxurious clothes and that’s all the fans need to put them on a pedastal. They have never done anything worthwhile with their influence. Dumb, basic and overhyped. If YG mediaplay didn’t exist these dozens would be nowhere


Jennie as always being cheap and pathetic. She doesn’t even respect her young audience in the crowd at concerts with all the twerking she does while wearing little to nothing. Even as a kid she was obsessed with sex and made provocative hand signs in her pics, slutshaming her friends, etc lol so this is nothing for her.

Also this girl willingly chooses to be friends with a rapist so all the rape, sex scenes in the script really moved her (in her own words). Seoul cycle airheadnie living up to her reputation.

Ladyboy Lisa

Blink every other time: Jennie such inspirational and independent woman, she make choice herself with so much thought

Blink after this news: She didn’t know about the plot, she’s innocent 😂😂😂

spicy spice

meanwhile jennie herself : omg, i love the script.



this is the girl that taehyung’s desperately in love with. the one he flies across the world for. the one he follows like a little puppy


And? Did he force her to be in the show? Did he force her to say she loves the script or how much she loves Sam Levinson’s work? That’s all her decision.

Bringing him up won’t change the fact that she willingly agreed to be in the show

Last edited 4 months ago by Alex

gotta give it to blonks, dragging their own fave in order to say Taehyung has bad taste in women? lmao

Last edited 4 months ago by Colin
Teenaged puppy

Blaming Tae for a pit stop to get his dick sucked by a Seoul cycle isn’t the drag you think it is


Wtf you’re no better

Teenaged puppy



Don’t involve tae with that woman. Why are you dragging him too?


Having bad taste in women is not as bad as being a rapey guy enabler 😬


She’s a 30 year-old woman. She’s doing it all herself.

Bla bla

Wasn’t this drama supposed to be like uphold the struggles female face in Hollywood how did that turn out to this ,this is just straight porn and abuse .

Like literally nowdays all the Hollywood series are turning into soft porn


You need medical help. Your faves are in trenches and yet you still involve bts. How to be as famous as the seven of them, sigh.


Isn’t that just straight up p0rn then…that’s just disgusting. No nah no no. I can never ever watch it. Why did she need to sign something like this to make her debut. Idc even if she is doing a cameo. She is still involved in this. This is plain vile. Such a disappointment from her.

Teenaged puppy

Jennie is a whore who will do anything for western clout and this time she publicly showed the American audience what type of person she is for her debut. It’s bad for the hamster faced clout chaser

Fck idol

She even slept with yang hyun suk. This porn series is nothing for her

Teenaged puppy

Get back to sucking your dads cock before he gets mad and throws you out. Fag

Last edited 4 months ago by Teenaged puppy

I`m worried for Taehyung


Stop the fake concern, this won’t affect Taehyung at all. Stop attaching his name to this clout chasing rape enabler.


This is straight up nasty and disgusting.. Oh Sam Levinson and whoever else participated in the script is going to hell, idc.


Jennieee,really prove to us that she is a slut. Yucksssss. Sluttt Jennieeee


Did you know there’s rumour about her mother was a mistress that’s why her father nowhere to be found. Blood thicker than water

The truth

You all should be dragging The Weeknd for firing the female director for being too female focused on this pathetic show.

Like Crazy

Jennie accepted the role AFTER the female director was fired and she said she’s a big fan of Sam

Like Crazy

That show is perfect for someone like jennie

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