The fan association supporting the activities of 6 EXO members is asking Chen and Chanyeol to leave the group

“The two of them need to leave the group”… EXO fandom, Chen-Chanyeol “withdrawal tribute’ in planning

The fan association supporting the activities of 6 EXO members, excluding Chen and Chanyeol, will hold upcoming activities related to ‘Chen and Chanyeol’s withdrawal’

1. Seriously, EXO’s image isn’t good with the two of them. Do they feel sorry for the other members?… Shameless

2. If they don’t leave the group, I hope they don’t participate in group activities, I don’t want to see them

3. Chanyeol is not good at anything, he should leave the group

4. Please leave the group, even though I’m a fan of another group, I don’t even want to see them because the fandom atmosphere is ruined because of them

5. I’m not an EXO fan but I support EXO fans, don’t let such bad cases happen in idol groups

6. I understand the fans’ thoughts

7. I feel sorry for the fans, just leave the group

8. They have no conscience, get out

9. Please.. If Chen and Chanyeol care about the group and their fans even a little, please leave the group

10. Even though I’m not an EXO fan, I can understand

11. They should have left the group before the fans asked them to leave the group… They’re so annoying

12. Please, I can’t even listen to EXO’s songs

13. I just want to spend money on 6 EXO members

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Exols are deranged so this is normal for them

WhatsThe Point

Unrelated but eggs go around bashing BTS saying nobody compares to Chen’s vocals but his album didn’t even debut with 500k streams combined on Spotify ijbol.
Vocals not vocalling? If he’s that good of a singer why don’t yall tune in?

But I wasn’t done…

Kpoppies always comparing their flops to bts but don’t tune in to their faves because in the end being an anti is more fun than stanning mediocre flops

✩‧₊*:・⟭⟬ꪑꫀᧁꪖ ᦓꪻ᥅꠸ꪀᧁ᥇ꫀꪖꪀ⁷⟬⟭・:*₊‧✩

This is why kpop will always be a joke to the rest of the world.
This creepy dehumanizing entitlement is disturbing to people who aren’t living a delusional parasocial relationship.


Exols your faves are in their late 20s and majority are in their 30s. You ppl rn can’t even give them better streams and stuffs for their solo releases like they deserve but have an audacity to make a cult like thing to kick out some of them. If you are not going to stream their songs but have a say on what they do in their personal life. I have something to break to you guys. You ain’t these guys fans but an anti. Also you are mentally sick to think they will never ever date or get married in future just cause you don’t wish them to. Please get a mental health appointment soon. You guys need that. And I hope all exo members date freely now and also get married so you ppl get a reality check on how delusional and mentally sick you guys are.

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