The final prediction of the Billboard HOT 100 next week

BTS Jimin ‘Like Crazy’ #1

FIFTY FIFTY ‘Cupid’ #94

1. Really?

2. Seriously, K-pop is really popular.. Jimin is Jimin, but FIFTY FIFTY is awesome too

3. Jimin and FIFTY FIFTY are amazing!! Both songs are good

4. Jimin is daebak

5. It’s just a prediction. To be honest, it’s so difficult to get #1 and I think I’d be happy if he made it to the top 10

6. It’s a prediction, but he’s amazing

7. FIFTY FIFTY is amazing.. They are doing so well

8. I wish Jimin got 1st place

9. FIFTY FIFTY’s songs are really good. I listen to all their songs and like them. I hope really talented singers do even better!

10. Billboard’s standards have changed so it’s hard for K-Pop to get to #1 now. He’s awesome

11. FIFTY FIFTY is amazing.. The fandom must have worked really hard for Jimin’s 1st place

12. Daebak!!!!! I’m so proud

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