The final prediction of the Billboard HOT 100 next week

BTS Jimin ‘Like Crazy’ #1

FIFTY FIFTY ‘Cupid’ #94

1. Really?

2. Seriously, K-pop is really popular.. Jimin is Jimin, but FIFTY FIFTY is awesome too

3. Jimin and FIFTY FIFTY are amazing!! Both songs are good

4. Jimin is daebak

5. It’s just a prediction. To be honest, it’s so difficult to get #1 and I think I’d be happy if he made it to the top 10

6. It’s a prediction, but he’s amazing

7. FIFTY FIFTY is amazing.. They are doing so well

8. I wish Jimin got 1st place

9. FIFTY FIFTY’s songs are really good. I listen to all their songs and like them. I hope really talented singers do even better!

10. Billboard’s standards have changed so it’s hard for K-Pop to get to #1 now. He’s awesome

11. FIFTY FIFTY is amazing.. The fandom must have worked really hard for Jimin’s 1st place

12. Daebak!!!!! I’m so proud

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Congrats to Jimin doing what my faves never can


freefall after 1 week


like yall favs entire career?


Ohh wow the obsession. Even watching bts documentary.


Whoring himself out



It doesn’t matter where he lands, even IFFFF this prediction is true, because he will follow the exact same pattern BTS always follows:

A big first week because their cult following bought a lot of cds and had stream parties at release….

…and then it drops nonstop because they lack mainstream popularity.

Color color stan

Cope twink πŸ˜† ik this is how you comfort yourself for what yoir favs can never ever do πŸ˜†


not reading all this but the way you’re all up with these same comments on every bts posts like a robot, idk are you trying to convince me ( not convinced at all ) that bts is not talented or are you trying to convince yourself that bts is not talented ?


I know you jealous because your faves being begging you guys to buy their music. Even selling bra, etc lol. Cant even chart top20 without collab lmao


Congrats jimina, please practice your singing. I feel bad for ur fans keep mocking other idols talentless when you can’t even singing live, I feel bad for our kookie hard carrying bts’ vocal

Color color stan

But blackpink is talentless, stiffsoo alone is great proof 🀭


who even calls Jungkook our kookie anymore lmao, not even his solo stans called him ‘our kookie’πŸƒπŸ» stop cosplaying as his solo

Color color stan

Congrats to jimin for having the saltiest antis who wish for his downfall in their comments but in fact has no effect at all on real life πŸ˜œπŸ‘‘


Its really doesnt have effect in real life. Like crazy have being rising on spotify. Non fans, casual fans keep praising his beautiful vocal. Only kpop fans trying hard to drag him.


anything top 10 are actually good for me tbh , can’t wait on the d-day !

fity fifty’s next cb is going to be pressuring for them, I just wish their company knows what to do and not fumble with them πŸ‘€ seen tons of times where a group could definitely hit big but their company messed them up


This is difference between big4 n non big4. For non big4, one flop cb, they may not survive after. Genuinely feel that fifty fifty music on par with newjeans music quality. You guys try check out their album. Its very catchy. I hope they have successful cb.


They just signed with Warner music in America to distribute, they are doing great




= your faves


Army work harder for jimin than BTS. ig army all turn to solos now. I dnt see this energy for othe releases


Y’all are so stupid


Nope. Its always known that majority of army always prefer pop songs. Its really depend on song. Look at difference between set me free pt 2 n like crazy charting. Its not about solos. But more about the actual genres that army like. Even jhope on the street stable on melon n rising because its more gp sound. Army have found how to work on hot100 since yet to come. They improved it during bad decision. Now majority fandom freaking love like crazy thus why we want to push it.


No, it’s true. There’s an unequal treatment of members in the fandom. After all, many big ARMY fanbases, translators, shooters are Jimin biased. Heck, btschartdata with 2 million followers is Jimin biased. I remembered when V stans begged btschartdata to tweet about his brand ambassadorship because he did for all members but they were ignored. They also conveniently forget to tweet about Jungkook’s achievements.


If you’re keeping up with his other acc, you’ll know how busy he is. He’s not purposely forgot them, he’s just late posting about them because of his work in real life. You might refute me and say ” he’s just doing fine before” idk btschartdata is just not going to handle a twitter account for the rest of his life, he needs to work so he can pay his rent and bills, and food. You can’t expect him to be at the same phase as he is few years ago to now.

if you want to talk about unequal treatments, it’s the difference between hyung line and maknae line that we need to talk about. Every fanbases supported and encouraged Armys to buy and support all members’ works, the difference is how the followers of these fanbases treats these tweets these fanbases tweeted. Clearly more people in the fandom is leaning more towards maknae line’s works than hyung line works. And we have to mention the solo stans too, maknae line solo stans are bigger than hyung line solo stans.

Jimin solo stans always said Armys never support him too by using the his ost excuse and how we don’t work hard for his Vibe collab song but look, we did support him. Most us mainly were waiting for his solo debut to go all out because then all the achievements and success would only be for him only.

Maknae line solo stans always goes around with this victimization narrative that ot7 armys hate them while they’re always the favored ones among the fandom. I will take the blame myself if Tae and JK’s solo debut albums later are not supported by Armys and they didn’t support these albums like what they did to Jimin, you can come back to me and say ” I told you so” but if I’m right, yeah…


But I dgaf about solo stans they will always just stan one member. What I hate are ARMYs who claim they’re OT7 but don’t give the same energy for all members. So I don’t care if you write essays about solo stans, they will never be OT7.


you must read only the last paragraph. I did mention Armys are more leaning towards maknae line works than hyung line works, no it does not mean they’re not OT7 but our fandom is heavily or majority are maknae line stans so these people will be leaning more towards their biases and then you combine these people with maknae line that have bigger solo stans , of course it’s turned out like this. People don’t realize how solo fanbases and the ot7 army fanbases are lowkey dependent on each other. These two sides keep pushing the narrative this side did nothing and the other side did nothing but in reality, we’re all connected. We are helping each other whether you like it or not.

And Jimin also have a totally different promotion rollouts from the previous solo releases, too early to say this, I hope Yoongi are having the same rollout like Jimin did so we can truly find out.

Last year there has been so much difficulties with bts’ solo releases, with the delayed shipment, they only gave like 2 weeks of notice before the album drops, it’s totally different like what we’re used to for the group’s releases. Jimin got a month of pre-order that gives enough time for fans to keep buying the album and the digitals from the store. Need Yoongi to drop his album and choose the same route as what Jimin has rn so we can finally be able to compare.

I do agree how bad this fandom did acted during Hoseok’s JITB era. I think most are just so affected by Hoseok releasing the album in a not usual way and it affected the whole vibe and mood for that entire era since people were just complaining and trending hashtags and mentioning the company left and right for this more than the goals itself and people at the time were still trying to figure out how to support his album since it’s not your usual bts type of promotions.


Gonna be honest, I don’t think a single average person in the U.S has ever even heard Jimin’s song. This is all Army and Jimin’s 29 different versions. The fact that it’s over flowers, a song that was literally everywhere, already goes to show just how pointless an achievement this is.


Its not pointless. The song has being rising on charts. Even eng ver is higher than korean ver on US spotify. Once its get no1, its gonna get tons of hype. People gonna curious. I believe that its gonna start send to radio. Bighit seem aiming for longetivity thus why they dont push TTH on first week.


It’s pointless because nobody in the U.S actually knows this song. It’s nothing but decoration at this point. Just something to make on paper that says “look what I got!”

Color color stan

Lol you think the average dumb american will hear most songs on the hot100 if not for payola πŸ˜‚ you make me laugh


guess what they heard his song now keep crying


armys that live in the US are people too ?

and this is what we can only do since the US is racist as hell


Did u reas what I said, idiot? I said this is ALL Armys doing. Nobody outside that fandom has heard this song.

bts fraud

lmao mass buying impact go to 1? a joke of century


Your faves wish to enter top20 without collab.


27 versions fans plz don’t talk…..

It is what it is

A no-singer topping charts.

Great job hybe, instead of hiring vocal coaches for jm you gave him 29 versions of a song


he is not bp lmaooo he doesn’t have 29 versionsπŸ˜‚


can you list all 29 versions of like crazy, please?


With 29 versions for one song if he isn’t getting that no. 1 I will be pissed


29 versions where? he is not bp lmao


Bp just had 17 but were shamed for it while he being hybes baby boy is getting 29 for one song but look how armys are getting all the “tools” to chart his solo 🀣


even armys are not pissed if he is not getting that no1, so why would you be pissed? Letting Jimin, a person that you supposedly hate affect you like this is just embarrassing


I don’t hate him though I hate that company for picking favourites


29 versions? did you just pull that number out of your ass?


I love BTS but I can’t be proud of this. Inorganic, fraudulent and forced success. Armys even admitted that they were given the proper tools to chart this song aka the multiple versions and enough time to organize. If the same thing happen to other member, I won’t hype it either. What’s the point of dissing other artists for manipulating the charts but BTS also doing the same thing?


keep crying 😊


Keep hyping him up. He won’t improve at all with tone deaf fans like you 😊


nobody cares about flop fifty who did it with payola people care about jimin only. he is the only relevant one here


Hopefully radio starts playing it more


He whored himself for these results


Jimin whos dick did you suck for this? I think you’ve been taking notes from bp..


0.1 airplay kekw


Fifty is just viral marketing the Ador’ tactic

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